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3. Tampakan- a Site of Struggle (SOS)

Tampakan has been identified by mining advocates as one of the 23 sites of struggle in the Philippines. Bishop DinualdoGutierrez facilitated the Conference on Mining in Tampakan on 25 May 2009, Bishop’s Residence, Koronadal City. The conference was triggered by … Continue reading

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1. Virgin Forest Ravaged

Reports from Tampakan sent to the Bishop revealed that since January 2005 Sagittarius Mines, Inc. (SMI) has felled trees and used the lumber for building construction, among others. Landslides occurred since 2007. Pressurized water was used to dislodge stones containing … Continue reading

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Civilian – Military Dialogue

Residents of Tampakan Municipality, Local Government Officials and Military Officers met at the Bishop’s Residence, Koronadal City, on 4 March 2009 to clarify certain issues pertaining to peace and order and to restore harmony among persons concerned. Issue No. 1. … Continue reading

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1. Working Group on Mining in the Philippines (WGMP) Reports

WGMP presented the results of the survey in Tampakan by Dr. Robert Goodland and Mr. Clive Wicks some time In 2008. The result of that study is in the book “Philippines: Mining or Food?” which was launched on 27 January … Continue reading

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