COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 946          Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                   25 July 2017


Date, time and venue: 24 July 2017, 4:20pm, Batasan Complex, Quezon City.  Lasted 2 hours.

Theme: “A Comfortable Life for All”


  • Relentless campaign against illegal drugs trafficking and all forms of criminality. “I value human life, stressed President Duterte.
  • He will continue to pursue peace. But no more talks with CPP/NDF/NPA.  The Communists make so many demands.
  • Martial Law is the fastest way to quell rebellion. Mindanao provinces are “porous”.  Rebels/terrorists can go easily from one place to another.  Marawi will rise again.  Plans to have a more credible defense system.
  • National land use act. Ours is a rich country.  Poor to benefit from factories, etc.
  • Protection of environment. No to destructive mining.  Preserve watersheds.  Miners enriched themselves; but they did not pay correct taxes.  Neither did they rehabilitate destroyed areas.  No to open-pit mining – President Duterte lambasted the Commission on Appointment for rejecting Gina Lopez’ appointment as DENR Secretary.  A healthy and balanced ecology as mandated by the 1987 Philippine Constitution is non-negotiable.  Rivers have no more fish – polluted by mining.  Poor suffer because of mining activities.  He warned mining companies to respect watershed.
  • He spoke on climate change, disaster preparedness, earthquakes, Yolanda and other typhoons.
  • To fast-track the Bangsamoro Basic Law to spur development in Morolandia and address the issue of rebellion.
  • Federalism to be pushed. Deliberations on what kind.
  • Reimposition of death penalty for heinous crimes, like drug trafficking. Death penalty is both deterrence and retribution.
  • Challenged human rights advocates to promote in deeds the rights of people, instead of simply talking.
  • Achievement of just and lasting peace through inclusive growth and development.
  • Foreign relations. Independent foreign policy; based on mutual respect and non-interference.  The Philippines is, this time, president of ASEAN.  Rule of law will be observed.
  • Improved relations with China to address the West Philippine Sea issue.
  • Urged the United States to return the Balangiga Bells to Samar.
  • No corruption in government. Excessive salaries, allowances, bonuses in government owned and controlled corporations will not be allowed.
  • Peoples’ access to government through hotlines 911 and 8888.
  • TRO on RH Law has hindered full implementation. It must be lifted.
  • Directed MMDA, LGUs in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu to clear roads of obstacles.
  • Asked the Senate to pass the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Act Bill (TRAIN).
  • Submission to Congress of P3.767 trillion for 2018.

N.B. Prepared SONA has 14 pages only (PDI, July 25, 2017, p. A2).



Ramil Nerio <>


The School Year 2016-17 has just ended. I have taken all my exams and submitted all my requirements. I have extended my stay for two weeks here in PCF as I intend to write a major paper on the Book of Psalms (Ps 63). Though its submission is still next semester, I thought of better doing it now before going for vacation.

I will only have two courses left for the next semester. And most of my time then will be for writing my Tesina, which I am writing under Prof. Dominik Markl, SJ, a new addition to the PIB faculty, an expert on the Pentateuch especially Exodus and Deuteronomy. I will be writing on Chap. 25 of the Book of Numbers with a working title The “Covenant of Perpetual Priesthood” in Numbers 25. I am hoping to finish all my requirements at PIB within the first semester, and looking forward to returning to our Diocese by summer of 2018.

I thank you for your kind support and generous help and for your constant prayers and encouragement. I pray for your continued good health and for all your intentions.

Sending my regards to all my brothers in the ministry and to all the good faithful of the Diocese.


Fr. Ramil

  1. Fr Ronald is here, and very much enjoying and learning from the ‘Ratio’ seminar.


04   – Mass. Adoration Chapel, Cathedral, 12   – Conversation, DXCP, 10am
05   – Conference, LAYCOS Marbel, Bp.’s   OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY,
  Res., 9am   Fiesta, Bolul Mission, Brgy.
       – DIOCESAN GATHERING, “Parish as   Assumption,, Kor. City
  Communion of Communities”, South 18   – Conference, PREX, Bp.’s Res., 6pm
  Cot Gym & Cultural Center, Kor. City 19   – Conference, CFC, SagradaFamilia,
06   – FEAST OF THE TRANSFIGURATION   Bo. 5, Kor. City, 5:30pm
  OF THE LORD, St. John Baptiste Marie 21-24- Annual Retreat, Diocesan Clergy, HCSC
  Vianney Sunday.  Special collection.   Calumpang, GSC.  21st after supper to
  (see ORDO)   24th after supper.
08   – MEMORIAL OF ST. DOMINIC 26    – Mass & Confirmation, Sto. Niño P., Sto.
09   – Conference & Mass, TOEs, Bp.’s Res.,   Niño, 8am
  9am 28-Sept. 1- National Meeting, Liturgy Directors,
11   – Fiesta Mass, St. Clare Monastery,   Jaro, Iloilo
  Polomolok, 9am 29   – Conference & Mass, Trappistines,
      Landan, Polomolok, 9am



Prayerful birthday greetings to:

Fr. Eugene Porras (Aug. 01);

Fr. Raul Vale (Aug. 02); and

Fr. Reynaldo Mission (Aug. 30).

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