COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 941          Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                   10 July 2017


One of the objectives of the Diocesan Strategic Plan “Comprehensive, Relevant and Systematic Program (CRSP) on Marriage Preparation and Pastoral Accompaniment of Newly Weds and Christian Families from Womb to Tomb and Beyond” is to have a sufficient number of trained caregivers for the sick and elderly.

In view of which the Diocesan Christian Formation Center conducted trainers’ training on Care Giving for family and life workers and social action workers.

Date and venue: 30 June 2017; Lay Formation Center, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Polomolok, South Cotabato.

Total trainers trained – 110: 65 F & LM Workers; 42 PSAC Workers; 2 CYM and 1 Catechist.

Breakdown by parishes:

AVA – 17       : Banga – 2. Lake Sebu – 2. Norala – 6. Sto. Niño – 3. T’boli – 4.

GAMMA – 18            : Alabel – 7. Glan – 6. Malandag – 3. Malungon – 2.

KVA – 32       : Cannery – 1. Marbel – 5. Polomolok – 16. SagradaFamilia (Bo. 5, Koronadal) – 6. Tantangan – 1. Tupi – 3.

MAKIMAMI – 7. :Maasim – 7.

MEDA – 36.   : Bula – 4. Calumpang – 10. Dadiangas – 12. Fatima – 5. Lagao – 3. St. Michael – 2.

Parishes without delegates:

  1. 2. Malapatan. 3. Maitum. 4. Milbuk. 5. Surallah. 6. Tampakan.

Topics and speakers:

  1. “Spiritual and Emotional Care” – Mark Kevin P. Velasco, Psychologist, Guidance Counselor and active Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movements (CCRM), Schola de San Jose, Polomolok.
  2. “Lifestyle Diseases” (The Elderly) – Dr. Soni Villa, MD, Medical Staff, Howard Hubbard Memorial Hospital, Polomolok.

Common diseases: Hypertension and Diabetes.

  1. “Caregiving of Patient in the Home” – Ms. Josie Alvarez Lubang, Midwifery Coordinator and Health Care Services Trainer, Schola de San Jose.

Afternoon session: Video Demonstration.

The joint seminar of Parish Family and Life Workers and Parish Social Action Workers was hosted and facilitated by the Diocesan Family and Life Ministry with the guidance and inspiration of Fr. Joel Aliligay and Trins J. Remollo, Diocesan Christian Formation Center. (From report by: TrinsJalapan)




Dates and venue: 19-23 June 2017; Oriental Hotel, Legazpi, Albay.

Attendance: 188 (4 bishops; 90 priests; 10 Sisters; 84 lay).

Fr. JoemerCandido, our Finance Officer, reported.

9 topics:

Topic I. “Financial Stewardship in the Building of Communion of Communities” – Bishop Arturo Bastes, SVD, Bishop of Sorsogon

(Note: Topics 2-9 later issues. Bp. D.G.)

  • God is the sole owner and master of everything in this world. No human being can ever be called the proprietor of anything on earth.  Everything which is under the ownership of a man is only entrusted to him as a steward.
  • As consequence, all human being are only “stewards” of God’s creation. Being stewards, human beings must render full reverence to God, the owner and master of all creation, and must respect the original purpose of God’s creation which is to sustain life for all his creatures, especially human beings, the master piece of his creation.
  • Material goods or riches or wealth in cash and kind are not condemned in themselves because they are ultimately gifts of God needed for human beings to live in dignity, being created according to God’s image: moreover, God precisely created all things for the use of all men and women, who must live a dignified life on earth.
  • What are condemned are the three big sins:
  1. Inordinate attachment to riches and earthly goods.
  2. Greed which is a vice that goads a person to acquire more and more things for his own selfish ends such as pleasure, honor and personal glory.
  3. Injustice to other persons, by depriving them of their rights to live in dignity.
  • In order to have a proper understanding of the role of wealth for the common good of humanity, there is a need to inculcate in the hearts of Christ’s disciples, especially the financial stewards, the POVERTY IN SPIRIT.
  • The most important attitude of all financial stewards is servanthood, being for others, alwaysconscious that there is a THOU, who is in need of his
  • Hence the financial steward must be endowed with the virtue of humility and generosity. With this attitude of humility, generosity and service, the financial steward is an important promoter of the Koinonia or fellowship of communion of the communities in the Local Church.



St. Agnes Montepulciano Childrens Home, Inc.

Purok San Jose, Upper Baluan

General Santos City

Tel.: 083-826-9114      Globe: 0917-314-75-35

Sr. JoelitaPreagido, sfsc – Animator

Sr. Imelda Obligado, sfsc – Finance

Sr. Annie Grace Dasan, sfsc

St. Francis of Assisi Retreat House

Purok San Jose, Upper Baluan

General Santos City

CP No.: (Globe) 0917-575-61-13

Sr. Phoebe Maria Bual, sfsc – Animator

Sr. Mabelle Hibionada, sfsc – Finance

Sr. LitaLapesura, sfsc



Regional House

Sta. Catalina Convent

Lagao, Gen. Santos City

(083) 552-3231

  1. Gloria T. Amancio, OP – Regional Vicaress
  2. EleonorFianza, OP
  3. Gina Solmantil, OP

Mo. Francisca Spirituality Center

Lagao, Gen. Santos City

(083) 552-6948

  1. LuzminOani, OP
  2. NelitaSumagaysay, OP
  3. NebiatKifelmariamHailu, OP

 Notre Dame Siena College of General Santos City

San Isidro, Lagao, GSCTel.: (083) 552-3803

  1. Mailyn Bolivar, OP
  2. Estelita, Carbon, OP
  3. Luisa Dandoy, OP
  4. Loran Fabiliar, OP

 Notre Dame Siena College of Polomolok

Polomolok, South Cotabato

(083) 225-2097

  1. Gina Galang, OP
  2. Priscila Ochoa, OP
  3. Rhodora Agno, OP
  4. AscencionDomugho, OP

 Notre Dame School of Marbel

Koronadal City, So. Cotabato

(083) 228-4565

  1. Alfonsa Villanueva, OP
  2. Soleda de la Cruz, OP
  3. Rosa Bug-os, OP
  4. ErlindaMuring, OP

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Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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