COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 939          Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                   28 June 2017


 ORDO 2017

This feast dating from the 4th C in both East and West, came to be celebrated, in accord with Lk. 1: 36, six months before the Lord’s birth; quoting Jn. 3: 30.  Augustine found this date (near summer solstice) appropriate, because after the birth of John, daylight begins to decrease, whereas after Jesus’ birth, it begins to increase.

St. John the Baptist’s birth is the date for the patronal parish fiesta in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.  Fr. Greto is the parish priest.  Five priests concelebrated.

Bishop’s homily

Zechariah and Elizabeth were very old.  Elizabeth was sterile, besides.

God intervened.  They became the parents of John.

John “matured in spirit.  He lived in the desert until the day he made his public appearance in Israel” (Lk. 1: 80).

He prepared the people for Christ’s coming, proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.

He baptized many, including Jesus Christ.

John had many followers.  He became popular.

Herod became alarmed.  He might lead the people to revolt against him.  So he had John arrested and imprisoned.

Before this he condemned Herod’s marriage to Herodias, his half-brother’s Philip’s wife.

Herodias wanted revenge.  The opportunity came when Herodias’ daughter danced before Herod and his guests.  Herod was so pleased he told the girl, he was ready to reward her even if it means half of his Kingdom.

Daughter asked mother for suggestion.  Herodias asked for John’s head on a platter.  Herod reluctantly had John beheaded (cf. Mk. 6: 17-29) we celebrate John’s beheading on 29 August.

We should have the courage to condemn moral evil, such as adultery, corruption, destruction of God’s creation, among others.

We are faced with the proposed project of Daguma Agro-Minerals, Inc. (DAMI) to mine for coal 2,000 hectares in Brgy. Ned, Lake Sebu through strip mining.  Strip mining removes the overlying vegetation, soil and underground rock layers in order to expose and extract coal from an underground seam or coal deposit (like open pit mining).

Trees, flora and fauna, will be destroyed.  Chemicals, water will be used to separate coal from ores.  Pollution: air, water, soil.

Threats to human life and food security.  It will worsen climate change.

Genesis 2: 15: care for the planet earth.

1997 Constitution, Art. 2, Sec. 16.: “The State shall protect and advance the right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature.”

Pray for our Sangguniang Panlalawigan and DENR officials that they would not succumb to corruption.

Urge our people, especially in this parish in Lake Sebu, to be vigilant and to oppose the proposed coal mining in Brgy. Ned, Lake Sebu.



Date: 27 June

Parish: Our Lady of Perpetual help, Milbuk, Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat

Parish Priest: Fr. Alan Catigday.  Five priests concelebrated.

Bishop’s homily (Lk. 1: 26-38)

“FIAT” – “May it be done to me according to your word” (Lk. 1: 38).  Mary’s complete obedience to God.

Icon painted on wood, circa 13th century, Crete

Mary’s garment, colors of royalty (same with Christ’s)

  • Red tunic – blood, passion of Christ
  • Blue mantle – perpetual virginity
  • Veil, with star – modesty; star of the Sea to guide us to Jesus, safe haven.

Greek letters: MP-ƟY (Meteeou) Mother of God.


Left – OAM (O Arkanggelos Mikael).  Michael the Archangel with spear, wine-soaked sponge, crown of thorns.

Right – OAΓ (O Arkanggelos Gabriel) Gabriel the Archangel with 3-bar cross (worn by popes at that time), nails. IC-XC (lesusKristos) Jesus Christ.

Gold background – Kingdom of God, Christ’s glorious resurrection.

When Jesus saw the vision of his future passion, he was afraid and he ran to his mother who grasped his hands for comfort, a sandal, dangling. (Sources: Internet)

When in trouble, we run to Mary, our Mother, for help.


02 – Recollection, AR Sisters, Bp.’s Res., 9am 12 – Conference & Mass, TOEs, Bp.s Res., 9am
07 – Mass, Adoration Chapel, 8:30am 15 – Conference, CFC, OLPGVP, 5:30pm
08 – Conversation, DXCP, 10am 25 – MPPPI., Casa Gemma, 5pm
11 – Joint Recollection, Clergy, OLPGV 27 – Confe., PREX-Marbel, Bp.’s Res., 6pm
  Parish, 9am



Prayerful birthday greetings to:

Fr. Ronilo Huesca (July 13); Fr. Joel Aliligay (July 13);

Fr. Sinon Alcarde (July 19); and Fr. Freddie Paulo (July 29)

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Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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