COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 938          Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                   23 June 2017

We, board members of the Bishop-Ulama Conference express our solidarity and sympathies with all the families and communities – both Muslim and Christian – affected by the crisis in Marawi City.

We join our voices for the safety and release of all hostages and innocent civilians caught in the midst of the ongoing conflict in Marawi.

We join hands with the relief efforts extended to the families and individuals that have moved out of Marawi.  We commend the hundreds of volunteers working with relief agencies who have offered their time and skills, so the much-needed assistance to internally displaced persons.

We are also thankful for the many stories of Muslims and Christians helping each other and even risking their lives to safeguard the well-being of all.

We express our concern over the dissemination of false news report that only add to confusion, unwarranted fears and suspicions among displaced families.

Finally, we make a general appeal for all sectors and religious communities to work together for the rehabilitation and development of Marawi.

We add our prayers, especially during this period of Ramadhan for the safety of all and for the reconciliation among warring groups.

May Almighty God of both Christians and Muslims be with us in our efforts to build a just and lasting peace in Mindanao.


Judge Abeali Cali – Co-convenor, BUC

Abp. Fernando R. Capalla, DD – Co-convenor

Bp. Hilario M. Gomez – Co-convenor

Bp. Danilo Bustamante – BUC Board Member

Bp. Dinualdo Gutierrez, DD – BUC Board Member

Fr. Reynaldo Mission, JCD – Priest, Diocese of Marbel

Abp. Antonio J. Ledesma, SJ – BUC Board Member

Bp. Edwin de la Peña, MSP – BUC Member

Rev. Ricardo Yañez – BUC Board Member, UCCP

Rev. Goel B. Bagundol – BUC Member, UCCP

Jana Jean G. Dacobor – BUC Affiliate, Mindanaw Tripartite Youth Core



From 23 May 2017 to 21 June 2017, 360 had been killed: 268 militants; 66 government troops; and 26 civilians (PDI, 22 June 2017, p. A2).

Government troops have been fighting the combined forces of the Maute group, Abu Sayaff and BIFF who had been “stockpiling guns and munitions in buildings as early as three years ago” (Pres. Duterte, quoted by Philip C. Tubeza, Duterte Ready to Order ‘corrupt bombing’ of Marawi if needed”, PDI, June 22, 2017, p. A6).

More than 200,000 civilians have suffered.  Our parishes responded to Bishop Dinualdo’s call to have a 2nd collection for the Marawi victims.

Parishes Amount Parishes Amount
Banga P  6, 450.00 Malapatan     4, 656.00
Bula   18, 142.65 Marbel   45, 238.75
Fatima   20, 000.00 Surallah   20, 000.00
Maasim     3, 702.65 T’boli     4, 894.50
Partial Total  =P 123, 083.90

We appeal toother parishes, Catholic Schools, Religious Congregations to express love for the needy by donating money.  Thank you. Bishop




Parishes Collections Parishes Collections
Banga    7, 545.50 Glan    6, 834.00
Malungon    1, 267.20 SagradaPamilya P.    8, 794.00
Surallah   10, 000.00 Norala  37, 447.75
Marbel   31, 502.00 Maasim    8, 925.00
Malapatan    2, 500.00 Alabel    3, 656.00
Kiamba    3, 270.00 Maitum    2, 790.00
OLPGV  34, 460.00 TOTAL 158, 991.45


Fr. Ariel Destora reported decreasing collection.

Years 2015 2016 2017 (as of 6/19/2017)
Amount P228, 156.71 P182, 955.45 P158, 991.45

Please intensify collection for our needy brothers and sisters.  We express our LOVE for GOD and NEIGHBORS by WORD and DEEDS/SACRIFICES.


  1. DXCP THANKS THE FOLLOWING (as of June 09, 2017)
Parishes Amount 2016 Amount 2017 Parishes Amount 2016 Amount 2017
Marbel 18,000.00 18,000.00 Alabel   6,000.00  
Calumpang 12,000.00    4,000.00 Polomolok   5,000.00 12,000.00
Lagao 12,000.00   Maasim     6,000.00
St. Michael   4,500.00   Glan     2,000.00
Tupi   7,000.00   OLPGVP   10,000.00
Fatima   6,000.00   TOTAL 70,000.00 55,000.00

Thank you for your support.



The Marist Hope Center (MHC) was blessed on 6 June 2017.

It is located at the 2nd floor, Marion Building, NDMU, Alunan Avenue.

The MHC “is a commemorative project of NDMU for the Bicentenary of the Marist Brothers.  This project will be a ‘tent’ for learning, caring, for the at-risk children, youth, emn and women” (Invitation Card to the Blessing)

Congratulations.  Thank you, NDMU.



Bishop Dinualdo presided over the blessing of the DSCE cannery Lines, 89 June 2017, Brgy. Tubi Allah, Surallah, South Cotabato.

Fr. LudyBaldonado, Rev. Sulpicio Francisco, Jr. and Rev. Salvador Leyso, assisted him.

DSCE was purchased by DOLE Philippines (Dolefil) from the T’boli Agro-Industrial Development, Inc. or TADI in May 2006.  The Dole Team was led by Mr. DankoStambuk.

Dole forecasts to grow 1 million tons of pineapples by 2019.  Hence, the decision to expand the facility in Surallah from eight (8) lines to eighteen (18) lines or an additional of more than 5 sq. meters of floor area.

To accomplish this, the Company made the decision to close down one of its canneries in Thailand and transfer its machineries and equipments to the OSC.

The expansion will create at least 1,500 direct jobs.

Other projects in the pipeline are the warehouse expansion, a Biogas Project, housing for employees. (From Dolefil Cares _____. Mel H.)

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Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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