COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 936          Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                   21 June 2017


Date and venue: 20 June 2017; St. Michael the Archangel Parish Hall, General Santos City.

Participants (registered): 61 all parishes in Metro Dadiangas represented: (1) St. Michael – Fr. Rolando Japitana-Territtorial Episcopal Vicar; Fr. BonifacioAmpoyas, Parish Priest; Fr. Antonio Chua, Parish Vicar. (2) Calumpang – Fr. Edwin Flor, CP, Provincial Passionist Fathers. (3) Fatima – Fr. Francisco Romano, Vicar Forane-MEDA. (4) Dadianags – Fr. Emmanuel Gellez, CP, Parish Priest. (5) Lagao – Fr. Raul Vale, Parish Vicar. (6) Bula – Fr. Bobby Parreño, Parish Priest plus lay representing Social Action, GKK, Family and Life Ministry, etc. Sr. Iosefina, SMSM, NDDU; Sr. Rosario, CP, SAC, OLPGVP, DXCP, Brigada News and TV; other religious groups, City Mayor’s Office, NGO, and around 20 PNP, GSX.

Reports from Parishes 

  • Fatima – incidence of stabbing and 10 suspicious looking men looking for boarding house. Reported to PNP also: incidences of misdemeanors by some youth.
  • Calumpang – active in monitoring peace and order, curfew helped minimize disorder.
  • Michael – CICL/SUKARAP present in Mabuhay area; coming from Silway. In general, improved.
  • Dadiangas youth who died. No update.

PNP Reports

  1. As of 16 March, 56 males and 1 female, in jail. 6 released; 2 transferred to RRCY; 1 dismissed, 1 court diversion; 2 suspended sentence (1 released to parents; 1 to Marcellin).
  • As of 24 march; 52 children in jail; 50M and 2F.
  • As of 31 May, 5 additional children released.
  • Now, only 47: 45 M and 2 F.
  1. Ages of commission of crime: 16-17 (36%)’ 18-30 (64%).
  2. Residences, CICL, Jan., May, 2017, Top 5mBarangasy

1stCalumpang and Fatima – 8 each

2ndApopong – 5

3rdBawing, Tambler, Labangal, Bula, dad. West – 4 each

4th San Isidro, Conel, Dad. South – 3 each

5th Dad. East, Katangawan – 2 each

  1. 39 identified gangs.
  2. Interventions: counseling, mobile and Beat patrols; oplansita, kapkapbakal.

Suggested responses: Way Forward 

  1. Comprehensive (include other sectors), report by station – 8 stations.
  2. Community based response: Purok, GKK, Brgy.
  3. Police to tap licensed counselors
  4. Follow-up reports on every child turned – war toparents, community concerned to assist.
  5. Next meeting of PAC-IN, SUKARAP Assistors: 19 September 2017 (Tuesday), 9am sharp, OLPGV Parish.

Thanks to St. Michael Parish for hosting the meeting (Deacon Sulopicio “Nonoy” Francisco.



DATE AND VENUE: 21 June 2017; 9:00am – 11:00am; Bishop’s Residence (kiosk), Koronadal City

Participants: 19

Bishop, Fr. Romeo Buenaobra, Fr. Rolando Japitana, Fr. Romeo Catedral, Fr. Edwin Flor, CP, Fr. Alfred Fernandez, OP. Fr. Malan Casicas, Sr. Alfonsa Villanueva, OP, Sister Maria Lea H. Eso, AR Sr. Liezel A. Palabrica, AR, Dr. Andres Magallanes, Jr. Ms. Trinidad Remollo, Ms. Alice Valera, Mr. Jimson Hindang. Sr. Esther Rule, OND, Sr. Sol Torres, AR.  Sr, Connie Buchan, AR, Mr. Aldrin Fernandez, Rev. Sulficio T. Francisco, Jr.

Agendum No. 1. “Strategic Planning”

  • Objective, 2018 Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Life. To find effective strategies of evangelizing in the light of the groups’ charisms and present apostolate.
  • Date/strategic planning: 11 September 2017, 9am – 4pm.
  • Venue: Villa Princessita, Jabido Compound, Koronadal City. c/o TrinsRemollo
  • The objectives to address the three interlocking causes of unpeace: poverty, corruption and dysfunctional family (no interaction)
  • strategies based on: study, pray, act.
  • Format/Matrix of Plan: KUKANG (Kinsa, Unsa, Kanus-a, Asa, Ngano, Giunsa or 5ws and H, budget
  • Participants, strategic planning. Consecrated life –one or two, at most, per congregation, Diocesan priests: Vicar general, 2 Territorial Episcopal Vicars, 5 Vicars Forane, Directors (Christian Formation, Social Action) and Seminary Rector, lay: BEC/GKK, Catechists, Youth, Liturgist, Social Action, Family and Life, Lay Vocation, ________________ and Ms. Rose Bulao (consecrated virgin).  Around 40 participants.
  • Facilitators: Dr. Andres O. Magallanes and staff, NDMU.
  • Secretariat: Ms. Trinidad J. Remollo-Head. To be assisted by staff from DSAC and DLC, and 2 deacons.
  • Finance: Fr. JoemerCandido and Mr. Hilario Perez, Jr.

Agendum No. 2. 2017 Pasko ng Pamilya (Themes: 2018)

  • Theme: “The Christian family Plants and Nourishes the Seed of Vocation to the Priestly and Consecrated Life (Religious Life).
  • Topics and writers of outlines (one page) for sharing:

No. 1         : Introduction (Clergy, Consecrated Life, family) – Sr. Alfonsa Villanueva, OP and Fr, Alfredo

  1. Fernandez, OP

No. 2         : The Family, A Domestic Church – Sr. Esther Rule, OND & Sr. Lutz, OND.

No. 3         : The Role of the Father and Mother in planting… – Ms.; Alice Valera

No. 4         : The Role of Siblings – Sr. Sol Torres, A.R. & Sr. Liezel Palabrica, AR

No. 5         : The Role of Priests, Religious Brothers and Sisters…Fr. Romeo Buenaobra.

No. 6         : The Role of the Catholic School… – Dr. Andres O. Magallanes, Jr. EVP, NDMU

No. 7         : The Role of the Christian Community – Mr. Aldrin Fernandez, GKK Coordinator, OLPGVP

No. 8         : Mary, the Star of Evangelization and Model of Consecrated Spirituality – Sr. Elva Braquez, CP

Provincial, Passionist Sisters

No. 9         : Challenge/Response/“GO” – Ms. Trinidad J. Remollo, AO, DCFC

  • The outlines will be developed by each parish, taking into consideration local situation, thereby making them relevant to time and place.
  • The outline writers will meet on 26 June 2017 (Monday), 9am, Bishop’s Residence (kiosk).
  • Varia
  • Opening, Year of Clergy & Consecrated Life, 3 December 2017, First Sunday of Advent. Closing either 30 November 2018 or 2 December 2018 (1st Sunday of Advent).  We will try to request a message from Pope Francis for the opening.
  • Joint recollection of clergy and members of consecrate life on 9 January 208; 13 March 2018; 10 July 2018 and 12 September 2018.
  • Members of consecrated life are encouraged to “GO” for one day visit to coastal and mountain parishes in 2018. (Prepared by Rev. Sulficio T. Francisco, Jr.)

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