COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 925          Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                   29 April 2017


Bishop Dinualdo ordained deacons Sem. Sulpicio Tianchon Francisco, Jr. and Sem. Salvador Didas Leyso, 24 April 2017, 5:15p.m., Christ the King Cathedral, Koronadal City.

Bishop’s homily

Peter and John were arrested by the priests because they kept proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus (cf. Acts 4: 1-2).

After their release “they went to the community and told them everything the chief priests and elders had said to them.  The community prayed.”  “As they prayed, the house where they were assembled rocked, they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to proclaim the Word of God boldly” (Acts 4: 23-31).

Jesus told Necodemus, a Pharisee and a leading Jew “I tell you most solemnly, unless a man is born through water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God” (John 3: 1-8).

To be born through water and the Spirit means a spiritual birth through baptism. (cf. CCC, 1257).

“Diaconia” means service.  Service of the Word – homily.  Distributing holy communion.  Service of charity, specially corporal acts of mercy.

These tasks entail divine assistance.  Prayer, especially recitation of the Hours (Breviary) is necessary for a fruitful ministry of service and perseverance in priestly ministry.

Thirty-nine priests participated in the liturgy.

Rev. Francisco, born on 12 February 1988, is from the Immaculate Conception Parish, Norala, South Cotabato.  Rev. Leyso, born on 2 June 1991, comes from Sagrada Familia Parish, Brgy. San Jose, Koronadal City.

They will formally enter the diaconal formation program on 1 May 2017 – a six-month period of immersion in the three (3) diocesan centers: Christian Formation, Liturgy and Social Action.

After (2) months, each one will do pastoral work in a rural parish, an urban one, and a coastal community for one month in each area.

The sixth month will be for rest, retreat and immediate preparation for priestly ordination.

Fr. Ronald Plomillo, D.Min., is the diaconal formation program director.




Dates and venue: 24 April to 5 may 2017 – UN Headquarters, New York.

Special theme: “Tenth Anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Measures Taken to Implement the Declaration””

Fr. Rey Carvyn Ondap, CP, representing the Passionist International and Asia made 3 interventions already.

  • On Agenda Item 4 – Implementation of the Six Mandated Areas of the Permanent Forum in Relation to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

“In relation to economic and social development, the indigenous communities that we are working with in Sarangani Province, South of the Philippines continue to suffer persistent poverty and lack of economic opportunities to uplift their socio-economic condition.”

Art. 21 of the UN Declaration states “indigenous peoples have the right, without discrimination to the improvement of their economic and social condition, including, inter alia, in the areas of education, employments, vocational training and retraining, housing, sanitation, health and social security.”

Fr. Ondap suggested to the Forum to recommend “to states to give particular attention to these special measures…and to prioritize them among all other measures.”

  • Agenda Item 9 – 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Ondap suggested to profile the IPs and monitor regularly the achievement of the 2030 targets, based on indicators cited in par. 13 of document. E/C/19/2017/5.

In addition, work should start even now in ensuring the active participation of the Indigenous peoples.

  • Agenda Item 11. Follow up to the outcome of the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples – Implementation of National action plans, strategies, etc.

Fr. Ondap calls attention to par. 35 and 36 of the outcome development of the World Conference on IPs “which states the commitments of the members of the UN General Assembly to respecting the contributions of indigenous peoples to ecosystem management and sustainable development, including knowledge acquired through experience in hunting, gathering, fishing, pastoralism and agriculture, as well as their sciences, technologies and cultures…” “That these knowledge and strategies to sustain the environment of the IPs should be respected and taken into account when we develop national and international approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation. (To be continued….)


01 – Fiesta Mass, Tantangan, 9:30am 17 – Conference & Mass, TOEs, 9am, Bp.’s Res.
05 – Mass, Adoration Chapel, 8:30am 18 – Conference & Mass, Poor Clares, 9am
06 – Conference, LAYCOS MARBEL, 19 – Conference, PREX Marbel, Bp.’s
  Bp.s’ Res., 9am   Res.,6pm
07 – WD, Prayer Vocation 20 – Mass & Confirmation, Sto. Niño, 8am
     – Fiesta Mass, Cannery, 9am 23 – Mass & Confirmation, Glan, 9:30am
09 – Recollection, Diocesan Priests, 25 – 25th Priestly Ord., Fr. R. Subaldo,
  Kiamba,9am   Homily only, 4pm
13 – Fiesta Mass, Fatima, 8am 27 – Conference, CFC, OLPGVP, 5:30pm
     – CONVERSATION, DXCP, 10am 28 – Catholic Com. Sunday. ASCENSION
15 – Fiesta Mass, Alabel, 9am    



Prayerful birthday greetings to: Fr. Jonathan Sarcon (May 07);and Fr. Robert Feguro (May 23).



Congratulations and happy anniversary to: Fr. Francisco Bajos (May 04); Fr. Joel Aliligay (May 14); Fr. Cristito Joloro (May 23); Fr. Romeo Subaldo (May 26); and Fr. Freddie Paulo (May 31).

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Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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