COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 921          Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                   23 March 2017

A meeting among the representatives of the Mayor of General Santos City, officials of the PNP Region 12 and faithful of the Diocese of Marbel took place in the Conference room, Sto. Niño de Bula Parish, General Santos City on 21 March 2017.

CMO Jonathan Blando led the GSC Mayor’s contingent of five persons.  PCSupt. Cedrick Train, Acting Regional Director, PNP Region 12 led the peace officers.  Bishop Dinualdo, the evangelizers.

Aim was to address the problems related to SuKaRaP (Sugal, Kawat, Rape – others add patay) in General Santos City.

Police identified twenty-six (26) gangs of minors involved in illegal activities.

These groups committed in 2016 310 crimes: theft – 138; physical injury – 25; illegal drugs trafficking – 16; robbery – 10; rape – 3; and others – 118.  Others are: trespassing, alarms and scandals, malicious mischief and motornapping.

GSCPO’s interventions: 246 minors were rescued and turned over to parents.

GSC Police Office reported 41 common crimes were committed in January and February 2017: theft – 21; physical injury – 3; robbery – 1; others – 14; rape and drugs – 0.

GSCPO’s interventions, January-March 2017: rescue of minors – 159.  Actions taken afterwards: 102 referred to parents; 55, BSWD; and 2, DSWD.

Such interventions, however, did not achieve the desired result – rehabilitated offenders.  Neither was poverty addressed effectively.

Police officers religiously implemented the PIPS – Police Integrated Patrol System: mobile patrol; foot patrol; oplan SITA; oplan Kapkap Bakal; strengthening the utilizations of Force Multiplier’ and BCPC; conducted DARE lectures; and implementation of City Ordinance 07 Series of 2013 – “The Children’s Code of General Santos City of 2013.”


These efforts were not enough.  More resources are needed: human, financial and material.  Specifically: concerned citizens to help the 800 GSC police officers; professionals – physicians, psychologist, guidance counselors; money (where does the IRA for barangays go?); CCTV, etc.

Way forward

2nd meeting, 20 June 2017, St. Michael the Archangel Parish, City Heights, GSC, 9am.

A Concept Paper (Suggested)

  • Change SuKaRaP to something positive.  How about “Children in Need” (CIN)?
  • Vision/end-goal/expected outcome of interventions

“Children in need to become integrally developed individuals/persons, who are responsible (ability to respond), responsive (active/participative), disciplined (self-controlled) citizens (patriotic) and are committed to promote the common good.”

  • Strategies

a) Police operation (security); b) education/formation (knowledge, values, skills, behavior); c) prayers (God’s/Allah’s/Dwata’s help needed); d) income generating projects (poverty mitigation); e) medical and psychological interventions (healthy mind in a healthy body); f) many others.

  • Persons directly responsible

a)      GSC civil government’s concerned departments/units.

b)      PNP GSC/Region 12

c)      Parishes in Metro Dadiangas

Support groups: Health practitioners; business entrepreneurs; multimedia communicators; above-all, other Faiths.

Time frames: Plans for 1 year, 3 years, 6 years.

Suggested name for us caretakers/shepherds: “Promoters of Integrally Developed Persons” (PIDP)




Date    :  February 20-23, 2017

Venue  :  CICM Retreat House, Talisay City, Negros Occidental

Hosts   :  Diocese of Bacolod – Bishop Patricio A. Buzon, SDB

Participants :  45, Radio and TV Networks

Activities:  opening mass at San Sebastian Cathedral, February 20, 2017, 6pm; Reports by Fr. Paulo Barondon, PFCB-CMN President and Fr. Francis Lucas, PFCB-CMN CEO/Executive Director.

Topics discussed:

  • Renewal status of the CBCP franchise.
  • Network – revenue sharing scheme;
  • Scouting for other sources of funds;
  • CMN’s various social platforms upgrading of radio equipment;
  • KBP’s reports;
  • Ideas for improving CMN’s Social Media Platform, National/local levels;
  • New partnership, projects, trainings and programming;
  • Re-enforcement – News sharing and survey form for CMN Philippines;
  • Regional Marketing/News sharing, i.e., Pulso sa CMN.
  • Field trip

(Reported by Fr. Raul Vale, DXCP’s Spiritual Director)


  • Marbel Parish                                                        – P 25,227.25
  • & Mrs. “Choi” Torrijos                                          –      5,000.00

(sent already to Surigao’s Account)

  • Anonymous                                                            –      8,000.00
  • Social Action Center                                            –   59,106.75


  1. Maasim Parish                                                     –      6,406.75
  2. Maitum Parish                                                     –   17,700.00
  3. Banga Parish                                                        –  10,000.00
  4. Lake Sebu                                                              –     5,000.00
  5. Surallah Parish                                                   –   20,000.00
  • Norala Parish                                                      –    15,000.00 

TOTAL                                                                                112,334.00

N.B..: Waiting for other parishes.  Share in the Spirit of Lent – Alay Kapwa.


  1. Anthony Parish (Marbel)                              – P27,327.50
  2. L. of Miraculous Medal P. (Banga)             –   1,828.95
  3. Cruz Parish (Maasim)                                    – 11,629.25
  4. San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish (T’boli)                –   1,288.75
  5. Niño Parish (Tampakan)                              –   4,014.25
  6. San Isisdro Labrador P. (Alabel)                 –   8,580.45
  7. Teresita P. (Tupi)                                              –   6,817.90
  8. L. of Lourdes Parish (Polomolok)               –   6,823.85
  9. L of Lourdes Parish (Surallah)                   – 35,000.00
  10. Niño Parish (Sto. Niño, SC)                           – 37,250.00
  11. Holy Cruz P. (Calumpang)                            – 66,257.65
  12. L. of Immaculate.C. Parish (GSC)               –   9,505.00
  13. L. of Fatima Parish (Fatima, GSC)              –   4,250.75
  14. Michael Archangel Parish (SMAP, GSC)  –  18,251.25
  15. Niño Parish (Maitum)                                   –      522.00

TOTAL                                                                          P 239,377.55

 Sent to NASSA: P76,600.01 (32% of total)

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Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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