COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 900          Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                    10 November 2016


The annual meeting of priests working in the Diocese of Marbel took place last November 7-9, 2016 at Holy Cross Spiritual Center, Calumpang, General Santos City.

Recommendations and Clarifications

  • The Diocesan Strategic Plan “Comprehensive, Relevant and Systematic Program on Marriage Preparation and Pastoral Accompaniment of the Newly Weds and Christian Families from Womb to Tomb and Beyond” shall serve as guide for the action plans of parishes.
  • The 2017 Diocesan strategic Plan “Parish as Communion of Communities” strongly urges parishes to establish GKK Social Action Committee where there is none and to strengthen existing GKK SAC.
  • In coordination with the Philippine National Police Region 12 Directorate the Diocese of Marbel designed the “Pastoral Accompaniment of Illegal Drugs Users and Pushers (PAID UP) program. Details of this program are contained in Bishop Dinualdo’s Pastoral Letter “Happy the Merciful” dated 25 September 2016.  Parishes are encouraged to implement PAID UP.
  • Parishes are strongly encouraged to assist the Diocesan Social Action Director by assuming responsibility for local cases and by donating money and goods to the residents of Bong Mal territory who may be displaced by Sagittarius Mines, Inc.
  • There is no need for an evaluation instrument for the DPA’s Acts and Decrees. Every priest can make his own evaluation and present it to the presbyterium for appropriate action.  Instruments need to be validated.  Validation takes time.
  • Love gifts are voluntary not obligatory. Hence, no fixed amount.
  • To provide regular masses in the GKK is an obligation of the priests assigned in the parish. No stipend should be charged.  That is shepherding.
  • Sunday masses in chapels of religious communities are intended for members of the community; but people are allowed to attend.


  • “Simbang Gabi”, that is, masses for nine consecutive days like the ‘Aguinaldo or Misa de Gallo’ masses, in malls is not allowed for it will create confusion among the people.
  • There is only one CFC (Couples for Christ) in the Diocese of Marbel.
  • Bible Service is allowed on Wednesday, First Fridays, First Saturdays, December 8, Bible de Gallo, Christmas and New Year, besides Sundays.
  • Bible Service for the GKK 9-day fiesta novena is not allowed.
  • No priest is allowed to add or increase the amount listed in the approved list of stole fees.
  • The proposal (motion) to create Malandag (Malungon), as a parish was approved.
  • The proposed Diocesan Guidelines for Choirs was approved on the second presentation.
  • The proposal to explore the possibility of creating a common fund for the support of the Diocese, i.e., chancery and diocesan programs/instrumentalities, was approved. A committee was created to finalize the proposal for presentation to the Bishop and priests.  Members are: Fr. Angelo Buenavides, Fr. Rey Mission, Fr. JoemerCandido, Fr. Bobby Parreño and Fr. BonifacioAmpoyas.

(Recommendations, Clarifications, Decisions prepared by Fr. Romeo Buenaobra)

Clarification of baptism of a child when parents are not canonically married

Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez states: “Canonical marriage of parents is required before a child could be baptized.  However, if parents could not be married canonically because of a canonical impediment such as “existing bond”, the child could be baptized; provided someone (a sponsor) takes the responsibility of bringing up the child in the Catholic Faith.  In case of necessity, example – danger of death – child should be baptized even if the parents are not canonically married.”

Closing, Jubilee Year of Mercy, Diocese of Marbel

November 13, 2016, Sunday, Closing of the Door of Mercy at 5:15 – Priests who are free are exhorted to attend.  All parishes will send representatives.  Each parish should bring food and share it with others.  The Cathedral Parish will supplement the food.  Presider and homilist – Bishop. Celebrant at the Altar – Fr. Joseph Benitez.

1st Anniversary, Dedication, Christ the King Cathedral

November 20, 2016. 5:15p.m. Presider and homilist – Bishop Dinualdo.

Incardination of Fr. John Jayoma, TC

Fr. John C. Jayoma, T.C. wrote the Bishop last October 25, 2016 indicating his intention to be incardinated in the Diocese of Marbel.

He wrote “After 1 year of spiritual discernment, pastoral work and intent prayer I discovered through the grace of God the call to serve particularly the poor in our society: the sick, the elderly, the abandon(ed), the neglect(ed), the hopeless, hungry and the marginalized.  This is the burning desire of my heart that I hankered to serve the people of God fervently in the diocese.”

Bishop Dinualdo wrote Most Rev. Fr. Mariano Martinez Perez, T.C., Superior General de la Congregacion De ReligiososTerciariosCapuchinos de NuestraSeñora de Dolores, Roma: “Fr. John C. Jayoma, T.C.wrote me of his intention to be incardinated in the Diocese of Marbel.  The Diocese of Marbel is willing to incardinate him if the Congregation De ReligiososTerciariosCapuchinos de NuestraSeñora de Dolores is willing to excardinate Fr. Jayoma, T.C.

The priests of Marbel are happy to welcome Fr. Jayoma.


November 7 pm        :  Pre meeting, around 26

November 8 am        : Diocesan 49.  Religious 10.  Total 59.

pm          : Diocesan 47.  Religious 9.  Total 56.

November 9 am        : Diocesan 44.  Religious 9.  Total 53.

(From the Secretariat)

Thank you     : Passionist Community for very good service.

: Clergy – participants for active participation

: Secretariat for wonderful job

: GOD, above all, for graces received.

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Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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