COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 896          Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                        23 September 2016



Date and venue: 16 September 2016, Villa Princessita, Jabido Compound, Koronadal City

A. Rationale

“The celebration of this Year is to deeply discern not only the structures of governance of our Dioceses or parishes but also of the quality of faith, life in the parish, the fellowship, belongingness, and participation experienced by its members.” (CBCP “Pastoral Exhortation on the Era of New Evangelization ‘Live Christ, Share Christ’, 2012”).

This Year is the 5th of the 9-year program of preparation for the 5th Centenary (500th Anniversary) of the beginnings of Christianity in the Philippines.

B. Objectives

  1. To share new ways and approaches in animating the different sectors, communities in the parish; and
  2. To intensify the participation of communities: families, basic ecclesial communities, and communities of consecrated life, in all parish activities.

C. Bishop’s Talk

Bishop Dinualdo gave an overview of the Diocese of Marbel’s Comprehensive, Relevant and Systematic Program (CRSP) of Pastoral Accompaniment of Christian Families from Womb to Tomb and Beyond.

Vision.  Mission.  Objectives.  Strategies (SPA).  Six stages of human life.  Expected outcome:  Christified individuals and families and responsible, responsive, disciplined and productive members of society.

The CRSP is designed to last until the end of time.  It is a plan of shepherding.  No flock, no shepherd!

D. Input on the Theme by Dr. Andres Magallanes, main facilitator.

Theme for 2017: “The Parish as Communion of Communities.”

 Parish – local Church – Images of Church. The parish, as a community, “continues to be the customary place where the faithful gather to grow in holiness, to participate in the mission of the Church and to live out their ecclesial communion.” (Synod of Bishop 1987 as cited by PCP II, #598)

A parish should be a dynamic Eucharistic and evangelizing community of communities, a center which energizes movements, Basic Ecclesial Communities and other apostolic groups and is in turn nourished by them.” (PCP II, #600).

The call for co-responsibility and shared responsibility in the mission of the entire Church.  “When we participatively share charism and ministry for the one mission, we become a Church of Communion in truth and in deed.  It is a veritably new way, at least for us this century, of being Church.” (PCP II, #101).

How are we going to intensify the participation of communities in our parish ministries/activities?

The 11 parishes and congregations who responded to the survey sent about a month before answered:

  • By creating structures/systems of collaboration
  • By reviewing policies
  • By participative leadership (networking)
  • By active involvement of stakeholders
  • By coming up with capability building on participative planning in the different ministries.
  • By tapping the maximum participation of groups/communities in ‘tasking’ for the planning and implementation of the different activities
  • By deepening the level of understanding of the faithful on “the Church as a mystery of communion.”
  • By identifying the ‘possible contribution’ of communities in the various ministries/activities of the parish.

The 11 respondents: 7 parishes in South Cotabato, 2 parishes in General Santos City and 2 religious congregations of Sisters.

  1. THREE WORKSHOP GROUPS TO PLAN: Christian Formation, Worship and Liturgy, Social Action.

Of the 50 workshop participants: 7 were religious – DST, FMS, OND, OP Father, SFSC, SMSM, SPC; 10 priests and 23 lay from 14 parishes.

The 2017 Strategic Plan will be distributed after the Review Team has finished its task.  Members: Dr. Andres Magallanes, Fr. Romeo Buenaobra, V.G., DLC Director, Fr. JoemerSibig, OP, COCF Commission, Fr. Joel Aliligay, DCFC Director of Ms. Trinidad Remollo, Head, Secretariat.



    (Marist Missionary Sisters – SMSM)

Maitum Community, Sarangani Province

  1. Ma. Tomoko Mahe, SMSM
  2. MaliaAfuhia, SMSM
  3. Francesca Tsori, SMSM

Lagao Community, General Santos City

  1. Ma. Iosefina, SMSM
  2. KateiaKaikai, SMSM
  3. SelaFakahua, SMSM
  4. Theresa Waine, SMSM


01   – Mass, Patronal Fiesta, Tupi, 9am 15   – Meeting, K of C, 9am, Bp.’s Kiosk (Bishop in
  (Fr. R. Buenaobra)   Italy)
07   – Mass, Adoration, Marbel, 8:30am 23   – World Mission Sunday.  Please intensify
  (c/o Fr. J. Aliligay)   collections.
08   – Fiesta Mass, OLPGVP, 9am (Bishop not available) 26   – Mass & Conference, Trappistines, 9am
      – Talakayan, DXCP, 10am 27   – Mass & Confirmation, O.L. Fatima P., 9am
      – Fellowship, CFC, Tupi, 5:30pm, Fr. Rey 29   – Meeting, MPPPI, Atty. Armada’s Res.,
  Mission, J.C.D.   Surallah, 6pm
09   – Indigenous Peoples’ Sunday, Animate parishes 30   – Prison Awareness Sunday
  to give more.    
11   – Joint Recollection, Clergy, Glan, 9am    

Note: Bishop will be out from 1 October to 23 October 2016.



Prayerful birthday greetings to: Fr. Ricky Legario (Oct. 01); Fr. Rey Joloro (Oct. 04); Fr. Jerome Millan (Oct. 06); Fr. Romeo Subaldo (Oct. 06); Fr. Joy Peliño (Oct. 08); Fr. Fortunato Ferolino (Oct. 14); Fr. Angelo Buenavides (Oct. 16); Fr. Rafael Cabrido (Oct. 24); Fr. Antonio Chua (Oct. 24); Fr. ReilPosas (Oct. 27); Fr. Michelle Tacogue (Oct. 27); Fr. RamilNerio (Oct. 30) and Fr. CristitoJoloro (Oct. 30).



Congratulations and happy ordination anniversaries to: Fr. Ricky Legario (Oct. 15); Fr. Alexander Salas (Oct. 15); Fr. Leonardo Rano (Oct. 18); Fr. Francisco Romano (Oct. 18); Fr. SinonAlcarde (Oct. 26); Fr. CeriloCasicas (Oct. 27); Fr. Angelo Buenavides (Oct. 28); Fr. Reynaldo Mission  (Oct. 28);  Fr. Romeo Catedral (Oct. 29) and Fr. Jonathan Sarcon (Oct. 29).

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Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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