COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

o.  894                     Diocese of Marbel, Philippines            16 September 2016


Date and venue: 10 September 2016; Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish Gym, General Santos City.

Theme:  “The Eucharist Nourishes the Family as Seedbed of Vocation”


  • To challenge the participants on the theme: “The Eucharist Nourishes the Family as Seedbed of Vocation.”
  • To acknowledge the outstanding Catechists by Vicariate.
  • To celebrate a meaningful and joyful Eucharist.
  • To build up intimacy and camaraderie among catechists (fellowship and socialization)
  • To elect new set of officers for the year 2017-2018.

Attendance: Total 1,264.

Allah Valley Vicariate: Banga – 44.  Lake Sebu – 20. Norala – 40.  Sto. Niño – 65.  Surallah – 40.  T’boli – 11.

Koronadal Valley Vicariate:  Cannery – 43.  Marbel – 65.  Polomolok – 84.  Sagrada Familia (Bo. 5) – 30.Tampakan – 35.  Tantangan – 25.  Tupi – 44.

Metro Dadiangas Vicariate:  Bula – 40.  Calumpang – 30. Dadiangas – 188.  Fatima – 51.  Lagao – 77.  St. Michael Archangel – 60.

GAMMA Vicariate:  Alabel – 30.  Glan – 59.  Malandag (Proposed Parish) – 11.  Malapatan – 21.  Malungon – 28.

MAKIMAMI Vicariate:  Kiamba – 0.  Maasim – 30.  Maitum – 30.  Milbuk – 0.

SCHOOLS: NDDU (led by Sr. Lalyn Macahilo, OND) – 48. NDMU – 8.  NDNI – 1.  ND San Jose – 1.  NDSN – 2.


Two other Sisters: OND, SMSM

Speaker:  Fr. Ramil M. Nerio

Mass Celebrant:  Fr. Joel D. Aliligay

Concelebrants:  Fr. Mario Eudela, Fr. Frank Romano, Fr. Manny Gellez, CP

Elected Officers:

President:  Rose Flores (Cannery)

  1. President: Marilyn Balagtas (Lagao)

Secretary:  Yolanda Pomuceno (Polomolok

Treasurer:  Alandra Alcantara (Tupi)

Auditor:  Nenita Morastil (Marbel)


Education        –  Evangeline Doctor (OPLGV

Evaluation       –  Lermie Lumayag (Alabel)

Finance            –  Nenette R. Molles (Calumpang)


Fr. Ramil’s Input

“The Eucharist Nourishes the Family as Seedbed of Vocation”

 Part I.  The Eucharist and the Family

  • Nourishes the family. “The Eucharist is the efficacious sign and sublime cause of that communion in the divine life and that unity of the People of God by which the Church is kept in being.” (CCC 1325)
  • Bishop to priest at ordination: “imitate the mystery you celebrate.”
  • The Eucharist is the sacrament of sacrifice, presence and communion. It instructs us in the practice of the three evangelical counsels: poverty, chastity and obedience.


  1. The Eucharist as sacrifice. Sacrifice of the Mass.  Sacrifice of the cross.  Corresponds to evangelical counsel of poverty.  Poverty is detachment from earthly things.  Parents must teach children the virtue of detachment.  Children to be taught to sacrifice for their moral foundation.  A basic principle of the spiritual life is the ability to go without.
  2. As Presence
  • Christ is truly and really present to us, His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.
  • His presence teaches us reverence and, consequently, chastity.
  • Christ is truly present but veiled under the appearance of bread and wine.
  • We show reverence for Christ in the Eucharist when we bow, kneel, genuflect and make the sign of the cross.
  • The Mass/Eucharist is the school of reverence.
  • Reverence is the ability to recognize the value of everyone and everything.
  • Irreverence is shown by pride.
  • Family members to be present in their homes to one another.
  • Reverence begins with courtesy and good manners.
  • Spouses should show reverence to each other.
  • Reverence leads to chastity.
  1. As Communion
  • “If you love me, keep my commandments. You are my friends if you do what I command you.” (cf. Jh. 14: 15).
  • Obedience is the image of “vine and branches”
  • Receiving Holy Communion is an interior form of obedience…our Lord is coming in, uniting Himself with us as a vine to the branches, so that we may be obedient, so that we can be obedient.
  • This kind of obedience our Lord desires…is an obedience born of union, of communion.


  • Sacrifice, Presence and Communion – poverty, chastity and obedience, – these are what the Eucharist teaches us; these are what the Eucharist should form within us.


Part II.  The Family and Vocation

Text: John 21: 1-19 ( the appearance to the Seven Disciples)

  1. 21: 1-8. Miraculous Catch of Fish
  • They realize that competence and expertise do not always produce the desired results. Being together, being a family does produce result.
  1. A Call to truth
  • “Children, have you caught anything to eat?”
  • A stranger extends tothem a calling through this question. It is a calling to truth.
  1. A Call to obedience
  • “Cast the net over the right side of the boat and you will find something.”
  • A stranger proposes a new approach (a new way of life).
  • The disciples just obey and they could not pull the net due to the number of fish.
  1. A call to confess Jesus in Faith
  • “It is the Lord”
  • Within the family of disciples there is a calling to confess Jesus in Faith.
  • The family members share their experience of Jesus and lead each other to a deeper knowledge of Him.
  1. John 21: 9-14 (Breakfast with Jesus)
  2. A Call to live in community
  • “Bring some of the fish you have caught…come have breakfast.”
  • As persons share the same food, they share the same life; they become one family.
  • It is by eating together (the Word of God, Eucharist, Service) that we become a family in Christ.
  1. John 21: 15-19 (The Triple Confession of Peter’s love for Jesus)
  2. A Call to personal love
  • A person’s true vocation in Christ is based on love of Jesus.
  1. A call to service and mission: “Feed my lamb…sheep”
  • Love is manifested by acts of service – to God and community
  • Service is founded only in love.
  1. A call to full union in Christ: “Follow me”
  • Peter will love as Jesus loves; serve as Jesus serves; die as Jesus died. Disciple united with Master – in heaven.

The Eucharist nourishes the family as seedbed of vocation.

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