COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No.  887            Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                     31 July 2016



Bishop Dinualdo visited San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila Parish, T’boli, South Cotabato, 30 July 2016.

Purpose was to give an overview of the Comprehensive, Relevant, and Systematic Program (CRSP) on Marriage Preparation and Pastoral Accompaniment (PA) of the Newly Weds and Christian Families from Womb to Tomb and Beyond.  This is a response to Pope Francis’, “Amoris Laetitia.”


  1. Comprehensive: all inclusive. Pastoral Accompaniment Starts from Pregnancy (Conception, “Womb”) to Burial (Tomb) and beyond this earthly life.
  2. Relevant: to the individual, time (now) and place (Diocese of Marbel, Philippines)
  3. Systematic: Pastoral Accompaniment has 6 phases or stages, (see PA I – VI).
  4. Pastors or shepherds: parents, other married couples, priests and religious, professionals and other experts.

Another purpose was to give an orientation on the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs), the theme of the Year 2017.  This is to prepare us for the 5th centenary (500th anniversary) of the beginning of Christianity in the Philippines (16 March 1521).

A. Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation “Amoris “Laetitia” was signed on 19 March 2016 and released 8 April 2016.

On 18 June 2016 we held a strategic planning workshop at Villa Princessita, Koronadal City.  Forty-one persons were present.  Six discussion groups.  Each group with a facilitator.  Mr. Andres Magallanes, PhD, Executive Vice-President, Notre Dame of Marbel University, over-all facilitator.  The six small groups worked on the responses from the parishes.

The draft strategic plan was designed that same day.  A nine-member review team completed the review after several days.

CRSP’s vision or desired end-goal: “Christian/Christified Families: Effective Evangelizers.”

CRSP’s general objectives:

(1) Christian families, effective evangelizers through personal witnessing to Christ (Mission).

(2) Increasing knowledge of the Faith (Creed).

(3) Growing intimacy with Jesus Christ through prayers and the sacraments, especially confession and holy communion (Cult).

(4) More spiritual and corporal works of mercy performed as years go by (Code).

CRSP’s Strategies:

(1) Study (Doctrines)

(2) Pray (Worship)

(3) Act (Pastoral Charity)

CRSP’s Pastoral Accompaniments (PA)

PA I.   Pregnancy and Birthing (Care of the Unborn, 0-9 months)

PA II.  Early Childhood Formation in Integral, Faith (Ages 1-11 years)

PA III. Developing Youth as God’s evangelizers and embracing Youth’s Catholic identity (Puberty, Adolescence. Ages 12-19)

PA IV.  Catholic States of Life: “Fulfilling the Vocation of love and commitment” (Ages


PA V.  Mid-Life.  Family Apostolic Spirituality” “Living out the value of generativity

(Ages 40-59)

PA VI. Senior, Elderly, Retirement, Burial.  Accompanying Senior members of Family and

Preparing them for Life with God (Ages 60 upwards).

CRSP’s Responsible persons:

  • Principal: Bishop, Priests, Religious, Lay Leaders and Catholic Schools.
  • Partners: LGUs, Professionals, Business People

Note: BECs are lead ministers; assisted by KRISKA and F&LM.

CRSP’s Funds: Local resources (parishes, Catholic Schools, Business, LGUs).

CRSP’s Expected Outcomes:  responsive and responsible citizens and transformed/Christified/humane/more just social structures, improved peace and order, generally happy people.

B. Basic Ecclesial Community

(1) A new way of being Church.

New       : in size – small: between 30-60 families.

: in personal contact – easier to know each other.

: location – usually, rural.

: membership – economically poor, politically deprived/oppressed, little schooling.

: management – by lay leaders under the supervision of the parish priest.

(2) Locus, focus and strategy of evangelization. Place, Center and means of evangelization.

(3) Characteristic: SELF-RELIANT COMMUNITY: Self nourishing and self-sustaining through weekly Bible Service with communion, recollections, religious celebrations, bayanihan, etc and self-governing through their elected officersin union with the parish priest.

(4) 2017 Theme” “The Parish as Communion of Communities.”



(1) The relentless campaign against illegal drug trafficking is good. These drugs destroy human health.  They breed corruption in government.  The effect is very good – thousands have already surrendered.  Rehabilitation of users is getting to be a problem.  Prison cannot hold those arrested waiting to be tried.  Regrettable, however, are the killings – some by vigilantes.  “Thou shall not kill” God commands Campaign, however, is very difficult.

(2) The plan to improve government services is good for the citizens. We hope and pray the plan would become, a reality.

(3) Unilateral ceasefire, as a sign of goodwill, futile. NDF/CPPNPA did not respond.  Back to fighting!

(4) Banning irresponsible mining is good – according to God’s will. Allowing responsible mining is datable.  Is there a responsible mining in the Philippines?  Just asking.

(5) No separation between God and the State. But full implementation of the RH Law?




01   – Priests’ Monday dinner – Fr. Eugene’s 13   – Talakayan, DXCP, GSC, 10am
  B-day, Bula, 6pm 15   – Fiesta Mass, Assumption, Bolul, 9am
05   – Mass, Adoration Chapel, 8:30am 20   – Mass & Conference, Trappistines’, 9am
06   – Conference, CFC Global, Cannery Parish, 6pm 21   – K of C Convention, 11am Mass, So. Cot.
      Gym, Koronadal City
10   – Conference, TOEs, Bp.s’ res., 9am 22-25- Annual Retreat, Diocesan Priests, Naga City
11   – Fiesta Mass, St. Clare, Polomolok, 9:30am 26   – Conference, PREX Marbel, Bp.s’ Res., 6pm



Prayerful birthday greetings to:

Fr. Eugene Porras (Aug. 01);

Fr. Raul Vale (Aug. 02); and

Fr. Reynaldo Mission (Aug. 30).


About bishopdinualdo

Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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