COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 884          Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                        28 June 2016



Bishop Dinualdo installed TEVs and VFs, 27 June 2016, Bishop’s Chapel, City of Koronadal, South Cotabato.

TEVs and VFs are priests helping the Bishop of Marbel administer the Diocese.

Fr. Romeo Catedral, TEV, South Cotabato, has jurisdiction over 13 parishes.  Fr. Rolando Japitana, TEV, SARGEN, oversees 14 parishes in Sarangani, General Santos and Milbuk, Palimbang, Sultan Kudarart.

Vicars Forane have charge over smaller areas.  Fr. Ricky Legario, VF, Koronadal Valley Area, is responsible for 7 parishes. Fr. Francisco Romano. VF, Metro Dadiangas Area, takes care of 6 parishes in General Santos City. Fr. Francisco Bajos, VF, GAMMA Area, has authority over 4 parishes: Glan, Alabel, Malapatan, Malungon.  Fr. Rafael Cabrido, VF, MAKIMAMI, looks after the well-being of Catholics in Maasim, Kiamba, Maitum and Milbuk.  Fr. Angelo Buenavides, VF, AllahValley Area, administers for the Bishop 6 parishes in Allah Valley Area.  Fr. Buenavides had to solemnize marriage.  He will be installed later.



Bishop Dinualdo issued on 21 June 2016 a Statement of Support on the Bla’ans struggle to remain in their ancestral lands.  Sagittarius Mines, Inc. plans to displace them in order to mine the area for copper and gold.

Sagittarius Mines, Inc.’s (SMI) planned Tampakan Copper and Gold Project (TCGF) in south Central Mindanao will displace some 1,000 households or 5,000 individuals.

These Bla’ans are living in the proposed mining sites of Bong Mal Bla’an Bong Banwe of Kiblawan, Davao del Sur; Salnaong Bla’an Territory of Colombio, Sultan Kudarat; Barangay Bla’an and Samlang of Malungon, Sarangani; and Danlag, Fulo Bato and Sbanken Bla’an Territories of Tampakan, South Cotabato.

Causes of their displacement will be the construction of: 1) Waste Rock Storage Facilities, about 500 has., 70-355 meters above ground; 2) Tailings Storage Facility, 1,300 has., 280 m. high and 2.1 kms. Long; 3) Fresh Water dam, 500 has., capacity – 215,000M L; and 4) Open Pit, 500 has., 2.5 kms wide, 3 kms. Long and 800 meters deep.  Plus other buildings: administration, housing, etc.

These structures will mean destroying 800 has. Of old growth forest and more than 3,000 has. of agricultural land.

Where will these indigenous peoples go?  Since time immemorial they have been residing in these territories.  The forest is the source of food, medicines, building materials, place of burial and worship.

There is no available place in the mountain.  They will not survive in the lowland due to the warm temperature and where everything will be bought.  It will be difficult tofind lands for them to farm.  Lowland culture is different from their traditional culture.  Culture shock?!

All 23 bishops in Mindanao, led by Orlando Quevedo, OMI, wrote President Benigno Simeon Aquino, Jr. on 13 March 2014 strongly urging him not to allow Sagittarius Mines, Inc (SMI) to mine the mountain of Tampakan, South Cotabato for copper and gold.

Reasons of their opposition are based on moral grounds: (1) the destruction of almost 4,000 hectares of forested and agricultural land as well as biodiversity is against the integrity of God’s creation (cf. Gen. 2: 15); (2) the dislocation of almost 5,000 surface dwellers, mostly Bla’ans from their ancestral land is against human rights; (3) the threat to food security and human life through the use of cyanide and heavy metals for processing ores is very real; (4) the past killings and future violence as the Bla’ans will defend their ancestral land, source of food, building materials, burial grounds of their ancestors and place of living will adversely affect peace and harmony.

The cost to people, environment and cultural traditions will far outweigh the projected benefits to the displaced Bla’ans (1% of gross) and the government.  Only the capitalists will be happy!

The Bishops in Mindanao, the Diocese of Marbel and the Civil Society support the struggle of the Bla’ans for self-determination and defense of their ancestral land.



Bishop of Marbel



General Santos City (OND – Mission Center)

Superior           –  Mila Porras               –  Mission Center Manager

Treasurer         –  Anna Kho                –  Mission Center Staff

Ma. Linda Jickain    –  Mission Center Staff

Jo-Anne Lorilla        –  Hesed

General Santos City (Zaldivar)

Superior           –  Susan Bolanio          –  Hesed Executive Director

Treasurer         –  Lalyn Macahilo        –  NDDU Catechesis

Mary Ann Rhudy     –  NDDU Women


Superior           –  Esther Rule              –  NDMU-RE

Treasurer         –  Lucia Arana             –  NDMU – Women

Felicitas Renacia      –  Vocation/FOND




01     – Meeting, Board, REMASE, Davao City, 9am 9-11 – 113th Plenum, CBCP, Pius XII, Manila
02     – Conference, CFC Global, Sagrada Familia 12     – Joint Recollection, Clergy, SMAP, 9am
  Parish (Bo. 5, Koronadal City), 5:30pm 13     – Conference, Mass, TOEs, Bp.’s Res., 9am
03     – Meeting, Sr. Nazarena M.L. Gimeno, SOCIM, 15     – Mass, Adoration Chapel, 8:30am
  Bp.’s Office, 3:30pm          – Board Meeting, Marbel PPP, Inc., Casa
04     – Meeting, Sr. Erlen, OP Siena, Bp.’s Res., 9am   Gemma, 5pm
08     – Meeting, CBCP Commissions, Pope Pius XII, 16     – Mtg., Coordinating Council, K of C, Bp.’s, 9am
  Manila 18     – Confe., Mass, Poor Clares, Polomolok, 9am
    23     – Talakayan, DXCP, GSC, 10am



Prayerful birthday greetings to:Fr. Ronilo Huesca (July 13); Fr. Joel Aliligay (July 13);Fr. Sinon Alcarde (July 19); and Fr. Freddie Paulo (July 29)



Fr. Efren Decreto, CMF (Claretian).  Born on 3 January 1983 in Zarraga, Iloilo.  Assigned as Econome, Datal Anggas Mission, Alabel.  Replaces Fr. Julius Boado, CMF.  Previously assigned in Isabela, Basilan36.  Fr. Arvin Bellen, CMF is his companion at Datal Anggas.

About bishopdinualdo

Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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