COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 881                Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                9 June 2016             



1 May 1898.  American fleet under Admiral George Dewey defeated the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay.

12 June 1898.  General Emilio Aguinaldo and Filipino revolutionary forces declared the independence of the Philippine Islands from the colonial rule of Spain.  The Act was signed by 98 persons.

Spain and the United States of America did not recognize such Declaration.

December 10, 1898. Treaty of Paris.  Spain ceded the Philippine Islands to the U.S. government.

1899 – 1902.  War of resistance against U.S. rule, led by Aguinaldo.  Tens of thousands of Filipinos and thousands of Americans died.

  1. Aguinaldo was captured; swore allegiance to the U.S.

4 July 1902.  Peace Proclamation.  Armed resistance, however, continued in Mindanao and Sulu with heavy casualties on both sides.  Lasted until 1913.

Public education and sound legal system were created to prepare for eventual democratic government.

  1. First legislative assembly with bicameral legislature. Civil service under Philippine control was established.



Tydings-McDuffie Act.  Philippine became a self-governing commonwealth.  Manuel L.  Quezon elected President of the new government, which was designed to prepare the country for independence after a 10-year transition period.

4 July 1946.  The Philippine Islands became the independent Republic of the Philippines, in accordance with the terms of the Tydings-McDuffie Act.

  1. The official Philippine Independence Day was changed from July 4 to June 12.
  1. After 118 years have we become truly independent?

Let us study our present situation.Analyse.  Reflect (from the point of view of Faith).  Act, according to God’s will.  SARA.


  1. DIRECTORY, DIOCESAN PRIESTS (effective 1 July 2016)

DIOCESAN CURIA, Koronadal City

Bishop                         –  DINUALDO D. GUTIERREZ

Vicar General              –  Fr. Romeo Buenaobra

Chancellor                   –  Fr. Ernesto Bendita

Judicial Vicar              –  Fr. Reynaldo Mission

Vicar for Clergy          –  Fr. Joseph Benitez

Finance Officer           –  Fr. JoemerCandido


Territorial Episcopal Vicar      –   Fr. Romeo Catedral


Vicar Forane         –  Fr. Angelo Buenavides

Norala             –  Fr. Rome Catedral   – Parish Priest

–  Fr. CristitoJoloro      – Parish Vicar

Sto. Niño         –  Fr. Rene Dasilao      – Parish Priest

–  Fr. Robert Feguro    – Parish Vicar

Lake Sebu       –  Fr. GretoBugas        – Parish Priest

T’boli               –  Fr. Rey Joloro          – Parish Priest

Surallah           –  Fr. Angelo Buenavides- Parish Priest

Banga              –  Fr. RuebnOcino       – Parish Priest

–  Fr. ReilPosas            – Parish Vicar


Vicar Forane         –  Fr. Ricky Legario

Marbel –  Fr. Ernesto Bendita – Parish Vicar I

–  Fr. Joel Aliligay       –  Parish Vicar II

–  Fr. Jose Antonio Paez- Parish Vicar III

–  Fr. Fred Paulo          – Parish Vicar IV

Tantangan       –  Fr. Arturo Pancho    – Parish Priest

Bo. 5, Marbel  –  Fr. RoniloHUesca    – Parish Priest

Tampakan        –  Fr. JonatahnSarcon  – Parish Priest

Tupi                 –  Fr. Ricky Legario     – Parish Priest

–  Fr. Jimmy Faustino  –  Parish Vicar

Polomolok       –  Fr. Romeo Subaldo  – Parish Priest

–  Fr. Jesus Jordan       –  Parish Vicar I

–  Fr. Joseph Benitez   – Parish Vicar II

Cannery           –  Fr. Mario Eudela      – Parish Priest

–  Fr. NoePedrajas       – Parish Vicar


Territorial Episcopal Vicar – Fr. Rolando Japitana


Vicar Forane         – Fr. Francisco Romano

Lagao  –  Fr. George Carin      –  Parish Priest

–  Fr. Ricky Emboltorio – Parish Vicar I

–  Fr. Raul Vale           – Parish Vicar II

Bula     –  Fr. Bobby Parreño   – Parish Priest

–  Fr. JoemerCandido  – Parish Vicar I

– Fr. Eugenio Porras, Jr. – Parish Vicar II

St. Michael –  Fr. BonifacioAmpoyas – Parish Priest

–  Fr. Rolando Japitana – Parish Vicar I

–  Fr. Antonio Chua     – Parish Vicar II

–  Fr. Alexander Salas – Parish Vicar III

Fatima –  Fr. Francisco Romano – Parish Priest

  • FloroLitigio – Parish Vicar


Vicar Forane         – Fr. Francisco Bajos

Glan    –  Fr. Michelle Tacogue – Parish Priest

–  Fr. JezreelCalopez    – Parish Vicar I

–  Fr. Fortunato Ferolino – Parish Vicar II

Alabel  –  Fr. Leonardo Rano  – Parish Priest

Malapatan – Fr. Francisco Bajos- Parish Priest


Malandag-  Fr. SinonAlcarde- Parish Priest

–  Fr. ReygiePeñol- Parish Vicar


Vicar Forane         –  Fr. Rafael Cabrido

Maasim-  Fr. Rafael Cabrido  – Parish Priest

Kiamba-  Fr. Ricardo Pajarillo, Jr. – Parish Priest

–  Fr. John Jayoma       – Guest Priest

Maitum-  Fr. Joel Sunga          – Parish Priest

Milbuk –  Fr. Alan Catigday    –  Parish Priest


OLPH Seminary

Rector             – Fr. Ronald Plomillo

Finance/CKRC Director – Fr. HerminioHongayo

Pre-College/Vocation – Fr. JefilCallego

NDMU Chaplain: Fr. JefilCallego

NDDU Chaplain:  Fr. Eugenio Porras, Jr.

CFC Director: Fr. Joel Aliligay

SAC Director:  Fr. Ariel Destora

DLC Director:   Fr. Romeo Buenaobra, VG

DXCP:  Fr. Raul Vale

Diocesan Schools:  Fr. BonifacioAmpoyas

Youth Chaplain:  Fr. JoemerCandido


  • Jerome Millan – Anthropology, UP Diliman
  • Joseph Morallon –  Philosophy, UST Manila
  • RamilNerio –  Scriptures, Biblicum, Rome
  • ElpidioMarintes –  Moral Theology, Ateneo de Davao University


  • Gillarme Joy Peliño
  • Rodrigo Gegone


  1. Carlos Andalan –  Diocese of Parañaque (until 31 July 2016)
  2. Renato Cruz –  Diocese of Lubbock, Texas
  3. SamuelOracion –  Diocese of Lubbock, Texas
  4. Ernesto Max Saldua – Veterans, Los Angeles, CA
  5. Ronnie Nombre –  Archdiocese of Newark, NJ
  6. CeriloCasicas –  Professor, SJVTS. CDO City

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Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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