COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 880            Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                     28 May 2016



Pope Francis met with the Italian bishops 16 May 2016.  He shared with them his thoughts on the priests in today’s suffering world.

  1. Like Moses, the priest is one who approaches the fire and let his ambitions of a career and powers be consumed by the flames.
  2. The priest makes a bonfire of temptations.
  3. Human frailties do not scandalize him; he is also a paralytic.
  4. Shuns what is overly rigorous and superficial.
  5. Responsible for others’ destiny.
  6. Helps suffering neighbors like a good Samaritan.
  7. Consigns himself to the Lord each morning.
  8. Not a bureaucrat, anonymous functionary, nor employee.
  9. Efficiency is not his motive.
  10. Love is everything.
  11. His simple lifestyle and availability make him credible and approachable.
  12. Intimacy with Jesus Christ safeguards him and keeps him apart from spiritual worldliness that corrupts.
  13. Serves life and a man of peace and reconciliation.
  14. His ultimate reason for self-giving is God’s Kingdom.

Pope Francis concluded by mentioning our triple belonging: to the (1) Lord; (2) Church; (3) and Kingdom.



Title: “Get up, Let us Go” (Mt. 26: 46)

“To those who have been voted to office, we assure them of our prayers, principally for Wisdom, that they may discern God’s will for his people and courageously do as he bids.

“…God calls you to service and to care for the weakest and the most distressed in our midst. Children need care that cannot be postponed.  And many women still find themselves in situations of exploitation.  Indigenous people remain marginalized and the vaunted growth in the economy still has to mean something significant for Filipinos living outside urban areas.”

“To those who did not succeed, you, as persons, as sons and daughters of God, are infinitely so much more than the positions after which you aspired.  Rather than becoming despondent and discouraged, you should challenge yourselves by asking how it is that the Risen Lord sends you ‘to make disciples of all nations.’”

“The greatest promise the Church can offer any government is vigilant collaboration and that offer, we make now.” (Archbishop S. Villegas, 9 May 2016)



The 11th Marist Mission Congress was held on 22 to 24 May 2016, The Farm, Carpenter Hill, City of Koronadal, South Cotabato.

Theme: “New Marists in Mission: Keeping the Fire Burning”

Aims.  To

  1. respond to the Challenges and opportunities in our mission;
  2. revisit the mission statement of the 10th Mission Congress, particularly on:
  3. communion of Brothers and laity;
  4. structures of collaboration of Marist Schools and non-school ministries;
  5. issues and concerns of the least favored;
  6. participation in significant and urgent advocacies on cultural, religious, ecological, political and economic issues;
  7. commemorate the Montagne event, Fourviere Pledge and La Valla’s call for mission as mystics and prophets.

Administrator – delegates: 106 (15 Marist Brothers) from the East Asia Province.  East Asia Administrative Unit is composed of: China Sector (China, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore); Korea-Japan Sector; and Philippine Sector.

Mass presider and homilist: Bishop Dinualdo, assisted by Fr. Jefill Callego and three deacons.

Bishop’s homily (1 Pt. 1: 10-16; Mk. 10: 28-31).

“Be holy for I am holy” (1 Pt. 1: 16).  Holiness consists in loving God and neighbors, especially the poor.

Those who left everything and followed Jesus will receive a hundredfold here andin the world to come, eternal life (cf. Mk. 10: 28-31).

Bishop exhorted delegates to proclaim Jesus crucified and risen, by words and deeds, with more intensity.

Bro. Wilfredo E. Lubrico, FMS, President, Notre Dame of Marbel University, chaired the Congress.




03       – Mass, Adoration Chapel, Marbel, 8:30am 18       – Strategic Planning, CRSP on Pastoral
04       – Conference/Fellowship, CFC Global,   Accompaniment of Families, Villa
  Banga, 6pm   Princessita, Marbel, 9am-4pm
06-08 – Mid-year Gathering, Diocesan Clergy, 19       – Fiesta, OLPH Seminary
  Divine Mercy Retreat House, Lake Sebu 20       – Mass & Confirmation, Tantangan, 8am
09       – Conference & Mass, TOEs, Bp.’s, 9am 22       – Brainstorming on CRSP Strat Plan, Marbel
11       – Talakayan, DXCP, 10am   Parish, 5-6pm
13       – Fiestas: Kiamba, Marbel 24       – Fiesta , Lake Sebu
16       – Conference & Mass, Poor Clares, 9am 25       – Mass & Conference, Trappisitnes’,
17       – Mtg., Diocesan Schools’ Principals, Bp.’s   Landan, Polomolok, 9am
  Res., 9am 26       – COLLECTION, ST. PETER APOSTLE
           – Conference, PREX Marbel, Bp.’s Res., 6pm   SUNDAY
    27       – Fiesta, Milbuk
    29       – Fiesta, Lagao



Prayerful birthday greetings to: Fr. Bobby Parreño (June 10); Fr. Romeo Buenaobra (June 17); Fr. Joel Sunga (June 22) and Fr. Leonardo Rano (June 27).



Congratulations and happy anniversary to: Fr. Bonifacio Ampoyas, Fr. Ronald Plomillo (June 01); Fr. Greto Bugas,  Fr. Mario Eudela, Fr. Ronilo Huesca, Fr. Arturo Pancho (June 02); Fr. Reil Posas (June 03); Fr. Joseph Benitez (June 11); Fr. Rey Joloro, Fr. Noe Pedrajas and Fr. Joel Sunga (June 25).

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