No. 880            Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                     28 May 2016

Pope Francis met with the Italian bishops 16 May 2016.  He shared with them his thoughts on the priests in today’s suffering world.

  1. Like Moses, the priest is one who approaches the fire and let his ambitions of a career and powers be consumed by the flames.
  2. The priest makes a bonfire of temptations.
  3. Human frailties do not scandalize him; he is also a paralytic.
  4. Shuns what is overly rigorous and superficial.
  5. Responsible for others’ destiny.
  6. Helps suffering neighbors like a good Samaritan.
  7. Consigns himself to the Lord each morning.
  8. Not a bureaucrat, anonymous functionary, nor employee.
  9. Efficiency is not his motive.
  10. Love is everything.
  11. His simple lifestyle and availability make him credible and approachable.
  12. Intimacy with Jesus Christ safeguards him and keeps him apart from spiritual worldliness that corrupts.
  13. Serves life and a man of peace and reconciliation.
  14. His ultimate reason for self-giving is God’s Kingdom.

Pope Francis concluded by mentioning our triple belonging: to the (1) Lord; (2) Church; (3) and Kingdom.

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About bishopdinualdo

Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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