COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 878       Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                          11 May 2016


Pope Francis’ message on the 50WCD celebrated 8 May 2016, Ascension Sunday is entitled “Communication and Mercy: A Fruitful Encounter”.

He wrote: “Communication has the power to build bridges, to enable encounter and inclusion, and thus, to enrich society, avoiding misunderstanding, healing wounded memories, and building peace and harmony.”

His call: “to develop a sense of ‘closeness’ that cares, comforts, heals, accompanies and celebrates.”


  1. ELECTION 2016

May 9, ELECTION DAY.  Generally, election in Brgy. Sta. Cruz, City of Koronadal, was honest, orderly and peaceful.

It was relatively orderly and peaceful, glitches in some voters’ counting machines (VCMs), no ballots, lost names, killings, notwithstanding.

Foreign observers were impressed, thanks God!  Positive effects in the stock market and value of pesos.  Early concessions by Grace Poe and Mar Roxas had positive impact, here and abroad.

Diocesan Social Action Center reports: we had 1,978 volunteers: 1,669 for election monitoring (Namfrel) and 308 for Human Rights Violations Monitoring (Karapatan).

Places monitored:  Lake Sebu, Surallah, T’boli, Gen. Santos City (Soledad, Apopong, Bula), Maasim, Malungon, Alabel, Glan.

Way forward.  Pray that all may be faithful to God.  Cooperate in initiatives that promote the common good; critique when they do not.

Peace building is an on-going process.  Pope Francis in his Apostolic Exhortation “EvangeliiGaudium” (24 Nov. 2013) states: “…four specific principles which can guide the development of life insociety and the building of a people where differences are harmonized within a shared pursuit.  Ido so out of the conviction that their application can be a genuine path to peace within each nation and in the entire world.” (221).

These four principles are:

  1. “Time is greater than space.” “Work slowly but surely” (222 – 223).
  2. “Unity prevails over conflict” (226) Face conflict (226 – 228).
  3. “Realities are more important than ideas” (231 – 233).
  4. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” (234 – 237).

Let us be patient, united, realistic, wholistic!



May 10, 2016, Sto. Niño de Tampakan Parish.  Present – 38.


  1. Joel Aliligay, Director, Diocesan Christian Formation Center
  • Summer Christian Formation for the Lay, May 16-25, 2016. May 26th, graduation for those who completed the 3 summer sessions.  Polomolok Pastoral Formation Center.
  • Mid-year gathering, Diocesan priests, June 6-8, 2016. Divine Mercy Retreat Center, Lamdalag, Lake Sebu.  Contribution: 1,500/pax
  • Annual Retreat, August 22-26, 2016, Mater Ecclesiae Formation Center, Pili, Camarines Sur.May 13 – Patronal Fiesta, Fatima Parish, Mass, 9am. (Fr. SinonAlcarde)

2. June 13 – Fiesta: Kiamba (Fr. Jonathan Sarcon)

3. June 24 – Fiesta, Lake Sebu (Fr. Rey Joloro)



Report as of 11 May 2016

The Social Action Center of the diocese of Marbel has partnered with the parishes, non-government organization and government agency to continue providing relief assistance to El Niño affected communities in the province of south Cotabato and SaranganiArea.  Partnering withthese groups enables providing manpower services such as targeting, profiling and distribution of reliefs and access to funds – a factor in the success of the relief assistance.  (1) A total of nine hundredforty-five thousand pesos from three donors namely Assisi Development Foundation, Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund and the Department of Social Welfare Region XII, (2) one thousand sacks of NFA rice (from DSWD XII) and (3) one thousand mana packs were acquired from March 2016 to present for food packs and food for work.  Theresources on hand are expected to benefit twenty-one thousand four hundred twenty-four (21, 424) families.

At present, five hundred eighty families from Malapatan (100), Fatima Parish (100), T’boli (90), Maasim (100), Sto. Niño (100) and Norala (90) benefited from Assisi’s assistance which is composed of canned sardines (5pcs.), mineral water (1liter), dried fish (218grms) and rice (5kilos) per family.  Table 1 shows that the intervention in these areas focuseson barangays with no access to relief assistance from any government or non-government organization with an average of at least two (2) barangays per municipality/parish.

Table 2 shows the status of relief distribution per fund source.

The Center continues to turn-over rice sacks to parishes and other organizations for distribution.  Table 3 shows that two hundred seventeen sacks of NFA rice (from DSWD XII) were already received by four areas namely Malapatan Parish,Passionist Mission, Sbangken IP community and Libas MPC.  One thousand eighty-five families will benefit from this batch of distribution with an allocation of ten kilos per family.

A master list of affected families will be sent to the Diocesan Social Action Center as requirement to the turn-over of rice sacks.  Alay Kapwa El Niño Response 2016 will focus on barangays with no access to any relief assistance and families with vulnerable members. Vulnerable members include pregnant women, senior citizen, persons with disability and minors below ten years old.

Tables (as of May 11, 2016)

Table 1: Beneficiaries of the Assisi Development Foundation Food Relief Assistance

Parish Number of Beneficiaries


Norala 90
Sto. Niño 100
Maasim 100
T’boli 90
Fatima 100
Malapatan 100


Table 2: Status of relief Distribution per fund source

Name of Organization Beneficiaries Status
Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund 3,721 Not yet distributed
Hapag-asa (Mana Pack) 12,000 Not yet distributed
DSWD (NFA Rice) 5,000 On going
DSWD (food-for-work) 704 On going
Assisi Dev’t Foundation 580 Distributed


Table 3 Inventory: Distribution of DSWD XII NFA Rice (1000 sacks)

Note: there are seven hundredeighty-three sacks of rice on hand

Name of Parish/


Number of NFA Rice

Received (sacks)

No. of Beneficiaries
Malapatan Parish 100 500
Passionist Mission 70 350
Sbangken IP Community 24 120
Libas MPC 23 115
TOTAL 217 1,085

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Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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