1. Six Seminarians Invested With Cassocks and Surplices

Bishop Dinualdo presided over the solemn investiture of six seminarians March 7, 2016, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Seminary, Big Chapel, City of Koronadal, South Cotabato.

Vincent Ray Maguate Daut (Marbel)

Jay Ahr Tomalite de la Paz (Tampakan)

Charneil Dotollo Laparan (Tampakan)

Kent Harold Reyes Rudis (Fatima, GSC)

Rommel Mediavilla Saruda (Cannery, Polomolok)

Jestoni Agui Tampe (Tupi)

Thirty (30) priests.  Mass settings – mixture of Creation, Light from Light and Christ the Savior.  Choir: NDMU (St. Cecilia’s) and Sarabia National High School.

Bishop’s homily: New heavens and new earth.  Rejoice. No more weeping, no more infant living a few days only, or the old man not living to the end of his days (Is. 65: 17-21).  Court official’s son healed from fever because “the man believed” (Jh. 4: 43-54).

EDSA I at 30.  February 25, 1986, a significant event.  UnitedPeople Power, blessed by God, ousted the Dictator.

Desired changes: genuine democracy, peace, justice for all and progress did not materialize.

Why.  Three interlocking causes: (1) ordinary citizens; (2) New government officials; (3) system.

(1) Ordinary Citizens – WE – did not follow up the gains of EDSA I. We became inactive, indifferent, unconcerned about promoting the common good.

(2) National leaders; mostly traditional politicians, corrupt, incompetent.

(3) System: morally corrupt; economically exclusive; politically elitist (rule of rich and powerful); culturally insensitive (individualistic and “palakasan”); ecologically destructive (mining, coal-fired power plant, aerial spray).

What to do: personal conversion and social structures’ total transformation.

Meaning: from indifference and apathy to commitment and involvement, from greed to generosity; from ego centeredness to other – orientation (God, neighbors, nature); ignorance to knowledge and wisdom; sinner to saint.

Meaning: new leaders; committed to the common good; competent, credible and compassionate.

Meaning: transformed social structures; morally upright; economically inclusive – specially the poor; politically participative; respectful of various cultural traditions and caring for our home – Earth.


(1) Integral faith formation: renewed catechesis, renewed workshop, renewed social apostolate.

(2) Massive voters’ education

(3) Vote for the “best” candidate, not the lesser evil.

Every human being is basically good: (a) created in God’s image with intellect and free will; (b) redeemed by Jesus Christ at a very high cost – the life of the 2nd Person of the Blessed Trinity through his human nature; (c) ultimate destiny – as children of God, heirs of heaven, union with God provided one is faithful. Hence, the best to promote the common good which is food, water, clothing, shelter, health care, education, job, leisure, human rights (including freedom of information) a balanced and healthy ecology.  Briefly, goods that are readily available to help persons live a more humane and dignified life.

The best candidate is also the most competent, most credible (honest), and most compassionate (capable to rehabilitate criminals, not to kill them).

Make sure your vote is counted properly and correctly.

Participate in the Voters’ Assistance Center (VAC).

Above all pray.


(1) Promoting the common good is the responsibility of everyone. See Mt. 25: 34-45 (food, water, clothing, etc).  The State has the greater responsibility because it has a nation-wide organizational structure with massive resources – human, financial and material.

(2) Boycott is not a Christian option; involvement, is. Be involved in changing unjust structures to just ones and promoting the common good through good governance, meaning new leaders who are committed to the good of everyone; is competent to govern; will not steal the people’s money; and compassionate like Jesus Christ – the Divine Mercy.

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About bishopdinualdo

Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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