International Eucharistic Congress (Part IV and Last Part)

7th Day, January 30, 2016

  1. Catechesis “The Eucharist and Mary”, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York.

Here’s what I want to do: I want to speak of the Holy Eucharist assacrifice, meal, and presence. I’ll explain how Mary animates each of thesethree ways of looking at the gift and mystery of the Eucharist.

 I. The Eucharist as a Sacrifice

“Every time, then, that you eat this bread and drink this chalice, youproclaim the death of the Lord;” writes Saint Paul to the Corinthians, as we hearproclaimed every year on Holy Thursday, the very evening the Eucharist wasinstituted.

There is, you see, an intimate connection between the Mass and theSacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

The sacrifice of Jesus, God the Son, to God the Father, that sacrificeoffered on an altar of a wooden cross, that sacrifice that was so potent that it hidthe sun, quaked the earth, raised the dead, and changed hearts, that sacrifice ofoblation, praise, atonement, supplication, and contrition, that sacrifice still goeson, at every Mass, and we’re sucked-up into it, we are united to it.

Now, who was there with Jesus as He was tortured on the Cross? “Near the cross stood Mary His Mother.”

“At the cross her station keeping, stood the mournful mother weeping, close to Jesus to the last.”

You want to be closer to Jesus on the cross at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? Be closer to Mary, because she’s right next to him.

 II. The Eucharist as a Meal

The altar is also the table of the Last Supper where God’s people are still fed!

The Mass is our family meal, especially on Sunday. The mother of our family, Mary, is always at the table with Jesus and us.

She gave birth to the Son of God in a little town called Bethlehem, which means “House of Bread.” There’s a hint of the Eucharist that first Christmas!

She placed Him in a manger, which means a “feed box,” because Jesus was intended as bread for the world in the Eucharist.

He would work His first miracle for that newly married couple at Cana in Galilee, by changing water into wine, at her request. She is with us at another Feast we call the Lord’s Supper when He miraculously changes bread into His Body and wine to His Most Precious Blood.

III. The Eucharist as the Real Presence

 The timeless faith of the Church: Jesus Christ is really and truly present in the Holy Eucharist, body, blood, soul, and divinity.

Our blessed Mother is part of this, too, my friends. See, at Mass, the mystery of the Incarnation continues.

The first Incarnation happened with Mary’s cooperation. The Incarnation goes on now as Jesus-is-with-us, Emmanuel, in the Blessed Eucharist.

Mary beheld the presence of the Incarnate Word, the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, God the Son, the Eternal Word to whom she had freely given a human nature.

2. Homily, Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, Archbishop Emeritus of Cebu, January 30th, Sports Center.

Gospel: Mark 4: 35-41.  Jesus and disciples were crossing the lake to the other side.  Violent storm came up.  Disciples were terrified.  Jesus calmed the sea.  He asked them: “Do you not yet have faith?”

Faith.  Cardinal Vidal was happy because he believes: in God, in the basic goodness of people, because of faith his joy is unending.

He believes in the real presence.  Christ is really present, body, blood, soul and divinity in the Eucharist (consecrated bread and wine).

Mary believed.  When the angel Gabriel told her she would be the Mother of the Son of God, she hesitated, at first.  A virgin Mother?  What about Joseph?  She was betrothed to him.  At the end, she believed “Fiat”, let it be done!

We believed God is present in our life, in others.  This faith will impel us to love God as He loved us.  The Holy Spirit will show us the way of love.  Love of God will fill our emptiness.

The Eucharist, the sacrament of love and unity will strengthen our faith in God and in our neighbors, especially the poor.

8th Day, January 31, 2016.

“StatioOrbis” (Global Stage), IEC Pavilion, South Road Properties.  Closing Mass by Papal Legate, Charles Maung Cardinal Bo.  Attendance: 907, 647, 15.1 has. (of 26 has.)  Pedro Calungsod.

Cardinal Bo’s homily and message.

StatioOrbis, global stage, cosmic Eucharist, mission to the whole world.

Three tasks:

  1. promote awareness of the central place of the Eucharist in the life and mission of the Church;
  1. improve our understanding and celebration of the Eucharistic liturgy;
  1. draw attention to the social dimension of the Eucharist.

Two eyes of Eucharist: (1) presence; (2) mission.

“Eucharist cries out from womb to tomb regarding human dignity.  No to abortion, no to euthanasia, no to death penalty.  No to “culture of death” (St. JPII); no to “culture of indifference” (Pope Francis).

Challenge government and others to appreciate our faith vision: respect, promote, defend life.

We follow Mary’s example of total obedience.

Eucharist means unity, love, life

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