COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 853         Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                                                7 January 2016

  1. 51st International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) (Feature)
  1. The 51st International Eucharistic will be held in Cebu City, January 24-31, 2016. It will be the 2nd IEC in the Philippines.
  2. Theme: “Christ in you, our hope of glory” (Col. 1: 27). Only God is our hope.  Hope has direct reference to young people, the hope of the future.  The youth will have a special place in the IEC.  Hope also refers to the incredible human resources represented by the cultures of different peoples, what they have created with their intelligence and their hands, the treasures of their wisdom and their centuries – old traditions, and their concrete way of being human.
  3. The theme of the 1st International Eucharistic Congress in the Philippines, February 3-7, 1937, Luneta Park, Manila was “The Eucharistic Apostolate in the Mission.”
  4. Papal Legate appointed by Pope Francis is Card. Charles Maung Bo, SDB, Archbishop of Yangon, Myanmar, 66 years old, the first Cardinal from Myanmar. Bishop of Patherin at 47 years old; Archbishop of Yangon, 64.  Cardinal on February 14, 2015.
  5. The 50th IEC was held in Dublin, Ireland, June 2012. Theme: “The Eucharist: Communion with Christ and with one another.”  It was there on 17 June 2012 that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI announced that the next IEC would be in Cebu City, Philippines, in 2016.
  6. The 1st IEC took place in Lille’, France, 1881. IEC is now usually held every four years.
  7. Aims of 51st IEC according to the CBCP:
  • Promoted/deepened Eucharistic devotion; and (2) a fitting preparation for the 500th anniversary of the initial evangelization in 1521 – first baptism and mass.
  1. An IEC theological symposium will be held on January 20-22, 2016 at Cebu Doctors’ University, Mandaue Reclamation Area, Mandaue City.

Topics for the Plenary:

“The Christian Virtue of Hope” – Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, O.P.

“The Gospel of St. John and the Eucharist” – Fr. Francis Maloney, SDB

“Liturgy and Inculturation” – Fr. Mark Francis, CSV

“The History of the Novus Ordo” – Abp. Piero Marini

“Evangelizing a Secular World” – Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB

“A Catechesis on the Sunday Eucharist” – Josefina Manabat, SLD

Topics for Concurrent Sessions:

“The Eucharist: source and goal of the Church’s Mission”

“The Eucharist and Mission in Asia: Integrating Dialogue and Proclamation”

“The Eucharist in the Church’s Dialogue with Cultures.”

“The Eucharist in the Church’s dialogue with the poor and marginalized.”

“The Eucharist in the Church’s dialogue with the youth”

“Mary and the Eucharist in the Contemporary Mission of the Church”

  1. IEC Congress proper – January 24-31, 2016
  • January 24, 4pm. Opening Mass, Papal Legate – Plaza Independencia
  • January 25, 9-10am. Catechesis “Christ in You, Our Hope of Glory: A Pastoral Reflection on Colossians 1: 27” Most Rev. Hector Miguel CabrejosVidarte, OFM.  The Pavillon in the Eucharistic Village Testimony, Mass.  Press Con – Afternoon Session Concurrent sessions: 3-4pm
  • “The Christian Virtue of Hope” – Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, OP
  • “The Eucharist: Our Hope of Glory” – Fr. Paul Vu, SSS
  • “Hope in a Secularizing world” – Fr. Francis Maloney, SDB
  • January 26. Catechesis, 9-10am.  “The Eucharist: Celebration of the Paschal Mystery” – Fr. Robert Barron – Pavillon.Testimony, Mass.  Press Con (p.m.)

Concurrent sessions, 3-4pm

  • “The Eucharist makes the Church, the Church makes the Eucharist” – Orlando Card. Quevedo, OMI
  • “The Eucharist: Cup of Sacrifice, Banquet of the Kingdom” – Dr. Josefina Manabat, SLD
  • “The Eucharist: Principle of Unity Among Christians” – no speaker
  • January 27. Catechesis – 9-10am.  “The Eucharist as Mission, Mission as Dialogue” – Most Rev. Thomas Menamparampil, SDB – The Pavillon. Testimony follows.

Afternoon – Parish encounter (14 city parishes).  Mass faith – sharing, dinner, cultural show.

  • January 28. Catechesis, 9-10am.  “The Eucharist and the Dialogue with Cultures” – Luis Antonio Card. Tagle – Pavillon. Testimony, Mass.

Afternoon: Press Con, Deaf Tracks 1 & 2, Penitential Service – Pavillon.

7-10pm: VisitaIglesia – 7 City Churches.

  • January 28. Youth day.  Afternoon

Catechesis, 3-4pm.  “Christ in the Youth, Our Hope of Glory” – Fr. Robert Barron – Hoops Dome

4-6pm: Transfer to Plaza Independencia

6-9pm: VisitaIglesia – 7 City Churches

9-5am (January 29) Overnight Vigil – Plaza Independencia

  • January 29.

Catechesis, 9-10am – “The Eucharist: Dialogue with the Poor and the Sufferring” – John Card. Onalyekan, Pavillon

10am.  Testimony.  11-12 noon – Deaf track 3 – Pavillon.

Afternoon.  Press Con,  1-2p.m.  Media Center

2-3pm.  Deaf Tracks 4, Pavillon

3-4pm.  Departure for Capitol Building.

Mass, 4-5:30pm.  Cebu Capitol Building

Procession, 5:30 – 8:00pm.  To Plaza Independencia

  • January 30.

Catechesis, 9-10am.  “The Eucharist and Mary” – Timothy Card. Dolan – Pavillon. Testimony, Deaf Track 5 & Press Con – Pavillon

Afternoon, 1-2pm.  Deaf Track 6 – Pavillon

2:00-3:00pm.  Departure for Cebu City Sports Centre

4:.00-5:30pm.  Mass.  Cebu City Sports Centre

6:00-7:00pm. Sinulog.  Cebu City sports Centre

  • January 31st. 8th day, Sunday.

4pm.  StatioOrbis, papal Legate, South Road property

  1. Romeo Buenaobra
  2. Joel Aliligay
  3. BonifacioAmpoyas
  4. Romeo Subaldo
  5. Antonio Chua
  6. Julius Boado, CMF
  7. Arvin Bellen, CMF
  8. ElpidioMarintes, Jr.
  9. HerminioHongayo, Jr.
  10. Romeo Catedral
  11. Tertuliana Perez
  12. Norma Albano
  13. Ma. RosaritoBulao
  14. Rosario Ruiz
  15. Josephine de Padua
  16. Virginia Vecina
  17. Elena Gomez
  18. Sally Silva
  19. Marylou Restificar
  20. Rosalina Menguita

Total estimated expected delegates – 15,000.

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