COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 845          Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                    02 November 2015


The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines explains the 2016 Logo.  Shortened version (My apologies)

  • Green frame – symbolizes the world in which we live. Green is the color of life.  Both Eucharist and family nurture life.
  • Waves – recall countless generations and diverse cultures.
  • Five members of the family – denote the Filipino way of responding to being Catholic: family-oriented, meal-oriented, kundiman-oriented, bayani-oriented, spirit-oriented. (Catechism for Filipino Catholics, nn. 34-44).
  • The Cross represents Jesus who grants us salvation through his redemptive suffering, death and resurrection.
  • The radiant host and golden chalice with IHS (“IesusHominumSalvator” – Jesus Savior of Men) symbolize the Eucharist.
  • Jesus’ Paschal Mystery is especially mirrored by Family virtues and values:
    • red father: sacrifice, dedication, willingness to die for the family (Priest, Provider, Protector)
    • orange Mother: endurance and strength, passion tempered by wisdom, the feminine genius (St. John Paul II, “Mulieris Dignitatem”, n. 30).
    • brown child: humility, docility, industriousness, perseverance, patience.
    • blue child: Marian (CFC, 45-47), prayer, piety and service to God’s people.
    • white baby: purity, innocence, baptismal grace, springtime of hope.
  • The three rays that emanate from the cross and Eucharist refer to the three-fold kneeling required by renewal: repentance and mercy, adoration and prayer, love and service. We also recall the three words that Pope Francis wants every family member, especially the espouses, to say everyday to each other: “please”, “thanks”, “sorry” (address to participants in the pilgrimage of families in the Year of Faith, 26 October 2013).

To live the Gospel of Mercy, to proclaim and become witnesses of God’s love, the great gift of family and life, and to care for our common home, is every family’s call to be missionary disciples of the Eucharist.



Below is the list of those who participated in the Strategic Planning held on 30 October 2015 at Villa Princessita, Jabido Compound, Arellano Street, City of Koronadal.

Name Group/Position/Ministry Parish/Residence
1.    Bp. Dinualdo Gutierrez Bishop Marbel
2.    Rita Moso Family and Life Marbel
3.    PioTañalas K of C Marbel
4.    Jose Moso Family and Life Marbel
5.    Fr. Romeo Buenaobra VG/DLC Director Marbel
6.    Fr. JefilCallego In-charge Youth Marbel
7.    Fr. JoemerCandido Finance Officer Marbel
8.    Marilyn Balagtas Catechist Lagao
9.    Fr. Joel Aliligay DCFC Director Marbel
10. WarlitoAguba GKK Surallah
11. Tex Solivio PREX Marbel
12. Fr. Joy Peliño DSAC Director Marbel
13. Sr. Susan Bolanio Religious GSC
14. Lucille Dispo LLM Fatima
15. Aldrin Fernandez GKK/KRISKA OLPGV
16. James Otero Youth OLPGV
17. Fr. Romeo Subaldo VF-AVA Norala
18. Fr. JomarSibug, OP CFC Commissioner GSC
19. Rose Flores Catechist Good Shepherd
20. Stemson Pino GKK/KRISKA Polomolok
21. Merlinda Yanez F & LM Polomolok
22. Fr. Reynaldo Mission VF-KVA Polomolok
23. Geraldine Ponio F & LM Calumpang
24. Elma Jamero LLM Polomolok
25. Dr. Andres Magallanes EVP-NDMU-Over-all Facilitator NDMU
26. Abraham Contayoso Facilitator NDMU
27. JerwinTampe Facilitator NDMU
28. Ryan CrisCaballo Facilitator NDMU
29. Zandra Mae Vonrustro SAC Staff Marbel
30. Trinidad Remollo CFC Admin Marbel
31. AizaFiel CFC Staff Marbel


01      – ALL SAINTS 16   – Mtg., KIDMADICO, Bp.s’ Res., 9am
02      – ALL SOULS 18   – Conference, Mass, TOEs, Bp.’s Res., 9am
04      – Mtg., PrepCom, Dedication, Cathedral, 20   – Conference, Mass, Poor Clares, 9am
Bp.’s Res., 4:30pm 21   – DGA, Laycos, Polomolok Gym
05      – Mass & Confirmation, OLPGVP, 9am       – DGA, F & LM, Mass, 3pm, Tupi Gym
06      – Mass, Adoration Chapel, 8:30am 22   – DEDICATION, CHRIST THE KING
07      – Joint BPR Mtg., COWL, 9am CATHEDRAL, 4pm
          – Visit, Atty. R. Garcia & Co., Bp,’s Res., 3pm 25   – Mass, Fiesta Glan, 9am
          – Fellowship, CFC, Fatima, 6pm 26   – Priestly Ordination, Jezreel O. Calopez,
08      – Recollection, AR Sisters, Bp.s’ Res., 9am OLPGVP, 9am
09-13 – Annual Mtg., Presbyterium, Holy Cross 27   – Fiesta Mass, Banga, 9am
Retreat Center, Calumpang, GSC,       – Confer., PREX-Marbel, Bp.s’ Res., 6pm
Starts after Supper. 28   – DGA, GKK, So. Cot. Gym.  Mass, 3pm
13      – Conference, CP Nuns, 5pm 29   – FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT
14      – DGA, Lay Liturgists, Bula 30   – Clergy-Religious Day
         – Talakayan, DXCP, 10am



Prayerful Birthday Greetings to: Fr. Ruben Ocino (Nov. 14); Fr. HerminioHongayo (Nov. 15); Fr. George Carin(Nov. 24); and Fr. ElpidioMarintes, Jr. (Nov. 28).

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Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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