Gov. Daisy P. Avance Fuentes delivered her SOPA during the Sangguniang Panlalawigan’ session, 24 August 2015, South Cotabato Gymnasium and Cultural Center.

It was an objective presentation of the real state of South Cotabato province, with good (lights) and bad (shadows) situation.  With decisions to improve: the good to be better and the bad to be good.

Introduction.  Vision: “to create a government that is efficient and effective in the delivery of public service, transparent and participatory, and always accountable to an empowered and self-reliant people.

Program/Projects.  1) Development administration and Institutional development; 2) Project 14J (Partnerships for Integrity and job creation); 3) Population (Gender equality, women and adolescent); 4) Education (Kabugwason is now on its 10th year, adding Law and Medicine); 5) Health and Nutrition “a lot has improved, but a lot needs to be done”; 6) Economic development; 7) Tourism development (“Land of Dreamweavers”), South Cotabato – 4th most competitive out of 68 provinces; 8) Natural Resources and Environmental Management (quality of water in some areas improved from class “C” to class “B”; 9) Infrastructure development (“meron namang pagbabago pero meron pa ring challenges…”); 10) Peace and Order.  “We need to focus more on crime prevention.” “There is a resurgence of CPP-NPA activities all over the province focused in the municipalities of Tampakan, T’boli and Lake Sebu.  Extortion and revolutionary taxes are putting in serious jeopardy our economic growth”… The presence of mining companies and the unacceptable practices in banana plantation management must voluntarily show serious efforts to address the controversy in ‘aerial spray’.  Before, in our collective judgment, we will conclude that it is only profit that is important to them.”

“Unfortunately, never, in these trying long months, did any of these corporations sought a dialogue with my office.  Neither did our local advocates.”

“Sa gitna ng mainit na balitaktakan, masakit na batuhan ng akusasyon, hindi ba dapat ito and panahon na magkaisa tayo na itulak ang DENR-EMB at Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority (EPA) na gawin ang kanilang mandatus at pagkatapos noon dalhin sa husgado para mae-solve with finality ang issue na ito?”

“Magpapatawag ako ng pulong ng nag-tutunggaling sector, ng mga interesadong lideres ng probinsya upang hanapin ang solusyon na katanggap-tangap sa nakakarami.”

Today, henceforth, we will enter a “No Comfort Zone”.  Patuloy na isusulong ko na harapin natin isa-isa at sama-sama ang lahat na hamon sa ating komunidad at probinsya.

Purposes of “no comfort zone”: a people empowered “to stand by their principles, fight for their causes, to protect the next generation’s future…”

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About bishopdinualdo

Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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