COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 832          Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                           22 July 2015



Pius XII Center, Manila, July 11-13, 2015.

Attendance:  83 of 88 active members plus 5 diocesan administrators.


  • New set of CBCP Officers. Term: Dec. 1, 2015 – November 30, 2017.
  • President –  Socrates B. Villegas, Lingayen-Dagupan
  • Vice Pres. –  Romulo G. Valles, Davao
  • Treasurer –  John F. Du, Palo
  • Gen. –  Rev. Fr. Marvin S. Mejia

Plus Regional Representatives (9) and Chairmen, Episcopal Commissions, Committees, Offices (30).

  • Liturgical books approved
  1. Dedication of the Churches and altars – 66 votes; 1 abs.
  2. Rite of Exorcisms – 72 votes
  3. Supplement, Liturgy of the Hours – 72 votes
  4. Mass Formulary, Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest – 72 votes.
  • BEC National Assembly, November 11-14, 2015 – a culminating activity: 50th Anniversary Closing, Vatican II; Year of the Poor.
  • CBCP Plenary Assembly, January 22pm – 24, noon, 2016, Cebu.
  • Pastoral Letter, Transition Years, K to 12 Program, “Advancing in Wisdom and Favor Before God and Man”, approved.
  • Pastoral Letter, Drug Trafficking and Drug Addiction, “Addiction, Freedom and Disciples”, approved.
  • Statement on the BBL and the Peace Process, “Striving for a Just Peace, The Moral Road”, adopted.

Relevant parts:

A BBL We Do Not Want

  • does not effectively address the root causes of social injustice.
  • does not achieve the centuries – old Bangsamoro aspiration for self-determination
  • that makes the proposed Bangsamoro area of self-determination less autonomous than the ARMM it is meant to replace
  • that discriminates by not effectively protecting and promoting the rights of minorities, indigenous or not
  • that will foster ethnic, religious, political and economic discrimination.

A BBL We Want

  • a just and lasting peace
  • rooted in social justice and promotes social justice
  • effectively addresses the injustices suffered by the Bangsamoro as well as the injustices suffered by indigenous peoples and various religious minorities within the proposed Bangsamoro area
  • concretely achieves the self-determination of the Bangsamoro in an identified area that remains part and parcel of the territorial integrity and under the national sovereignty of the Philippine Republic.
  • that promotes harmonious relationships between peoples of various ethnic groups and of different faiths.
  • that effectively protects universal human rights particularly the rights of IP already enshrined in law, and the rights of Christian minorities who fear harassment and further marginalization
  • that responds concretely to the concerns, hopes and aspirations of all stakeholders, of various Bangsamoro groups, and of non-Moro citizens within the new Bangsamoro autonomous region
  • whose provisions are clearly Constitutional, without betraying the intent and spirit of peace agreements.

That is the BBL we envision on the basis of social moral principles of social justice, harmony and peace.  It is a vision that goes beyond the proposals now being discussed in our legislature.

The need for trust in waging Peace.


The fundamental intention of this statement is “it simply presents social and moral principles and envisions, in general terms, a BBL that flows from the same principles.



Poor Clare Monastery of Our Lady, Queen of Peace

Purok Vicente Fin, Brgy. Magsaysay, Polomolok, South Cotabato

 Solemnly Professed Sisters:

  1. Mary Rose Agnes Choco Cabatua, OSC –  Abbess
  2. Mary Celine Cayanong Mirasol, OSC –  Vicaress
  3. Mary Angelica Arellano Hipe, OSC –  Discreet
  4. Mary Clarisse Esquirdo Barazon, OSC
  5. Mary Catherine Judar Tormis, OSC
  6. Mary Colette Barrios Besana, OSC
  7. Sr, Mary Rachel Lailay Almario, OSC
  8. Mary Michelle Angelis Flores Escuardo, OSC
  9. Mary Lourdes Abellanosa Tajanlangit, OSC
  10. Mary Andrew Sumicad Mendola, OSC

Simply and Temporarily Professed Sister

  1. Mary Clare John Bueno Gultiano, OSC


01   – Conference, Laycos, Marbel, Bp.’s Res., 9am 11   – Fiesta Mass, St. Clare, 9:30am
05   – Dedication, Church, Our Lady of Hope 12   – Conference, TOEs, “Laudato Si’”, 9am
  Monastery, CP Nuns, 9am 13   – Meeting, ExeCom, DLLM, Bula, 9am
06   – Conference on “Laudato Si’”, CMRE, 15   – Feast of Assumption, Bolul, Installation of
  Principals, Diocesan Schools, Bp.’s Res., 9am   Mission Director, 9am
07   – Mass, Adoration Chapel, Marbel, 8:30am 16   – Mtg., ExeCom, DLLLM, Maasim, 9am
08   – Talakayan, DXCP, GSC, 10am 18   – Joint Recollection, Clergy & Launching,
       – PPC, Marbel, 6pm   Education Campaign on Ecology, JGSP
09   – Recollection, AR Sisters, Bp.’s Res., 9am   Polomolok, 9am
10   – Diaconal Ord., Tyron Pancho, CP, Chapel,  28  – Conference, PREX Marbel, Bp.’s Res., 6pm
  HCSC, Calumpang, GSC    



Prayerful birthday greetings to: Fr. Eugene Porras (Aug. 01); Fr. Raul Vale (Aug. 02); and Fr. Reynaldo Mission (Aug. 30).

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Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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