COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No.  819                Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                      02June 2015


Jesreel Irish Obenieta Calopez was ordained deacon by Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez on 25 May 2015, Bishop’s Chapel, Koronadal City.

Bishop’s homily:

“You are to give the Levites to Aaron and his sons as ‘oblates’ (Num. 3: 9).”  Oblates means totally offered.  Levites were not soldiers, farmers nor shepherds.  They were totally, completely set aside for service at the altar.

“We are witnesses” to Jesus Christ’s person and deeds (Acts 10: 37-43).  The apostles were credible witnesses – they knew him well.  To witness to Christ one must know him through the study of the Gospel, prayer, and the sacraments, as well as pastoral charity.

Jesus said “Simon…do you love me?”  Peter answered, “Yes Lord, You know that I love you” at which Jesus said, “Feed my lambs”…“tend my sheep”.  Love is shown in caring for children and adults.  Love is inclusive.

A deacon is wholly offered to God, witnesses to Christ through loving service (OWL).

Thirty-nine (39) priests were present: two from Davao City, two retired Filipino priests from U.S. dioceses, a Claretian, a Passionist and thirty-three diocesan.

Dinner was served after ordination.

Fr. Romeo Buenaobra was the over-all coordinator.

Rev. Jesreel was born on 29 June 1988 at Lansang Village, Sinawal, General Santos City.

Father is Danilo S. Calopez.  Works in Dole as an Engineer.  Mother is Babelita O. Calopez, a plain housewife.  He has two brothers and a sister.

Graduated from Dadiangas West Central Elementary School in 2001; General Santos City High School, 2005; Notre Dame of Marbel University, AB Philosophy, 2010; and St. Francis Xavier Regional Seminary, Theology, Davao City, 2015.



Bishop Dinualdo visited Barangay DatalAnggas, Alabel, Sarangani on 26 May 2015.

With him were: Fr. Antonio Chua and Fr. Alex Salas, parish priest and parish vicar, respectively, of San Isidro Labrador Parish, Alabel; Fr. GretoBugas, parish priest of Sta. Catalina of Alexandria, Glan and Vicar Forane of Glan-Alabel, Malapatan-Malungon Area (GAMMA); and Fr. Arvin Bellen, CMF, Asst. Mission Coordinator, DatalAnggas.

Col. Ronald Villanueva, CO, 1002ndBde, LtC Ronald Alcudia, CO, 27IB, and LtCRonyBabac, CO, 73IB plus airforce helicopters (2) pilots and crewmen were Bishop’s companions.

Bishop’s homily was based on Mk. 10: 28-31.  Those who give up everything for Jesus’ sake and for the sake of the others will be rewarded a hundred times.

The missionaries, Fr. Julius I. Boado, CMF and Fr. Arvin B. Bellen, CMF gave up everything to proclaim the Good News to the poor.  They are here in DatalAnggas where there is no road and no water system.  You are in need of road and safe drinking water.  You are poor.  We are all poor, because we need one thing or another.

Inspite of your poverty, you share your food with the missionaries and you appear to be happy.

I came here in obedience to Jesus’ command to preach the Good News to everyone.  I thank the Armed Forces of the Philippines for providing us with two helicopters.

Concelebrants: Fr. Julius, CMF, Fr. Arvin, CMF, Fr. Greto, Fr. Tony and Fr. Alex.

Col. Villanueva praised the Taga-Kaulos/B’laans for their rich cultural heritage.  He encouraged them to plant more trees.

DatalAnggas is one of the 12 barangays of Alabel, Sarangani.  Mountanious.  Population of 10,000, mostly Taga-Kaulos, 60% Catholics.  Brgy. Capt. Roldan Salimama is a supporter of the Catholic Mission.



Priests gathered June 1st for the Mid-Year Gathering, 1-3 June 2015.

Four priests shared their reflections on the priesthood of Jesus Christ, June 2nd.

  1. Rodrigo Gegone, Parish Priest, San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila, T’boli. Ordained 01 December 2008.  Baptized a Catholic.  Grew up a protestant (Universal Church).  Ambition: finish high school and continue working as a farmer.

Priesthood is God’s grace.  Service.  Happy with priests’ co-workers.  He has been giving his best for God and people.  Sometimes people did not appreciate his work.  But that was alright.  Has been spending time with the GKKs.

  1. JefillCallego. Parish Vicar, St. Anthony/Cathedral Parish.  Ordained, 11 April 2011.  Priesthood is a grace and an inspiration.  A priest for God, Church and people.  Happy with priests he has been working with.  Good example by senior priests.  Rivers and mountains were not obstacles in his evangelizing work.  Happy to know people appreciate the Eucharist.
  1. JoemerCandido. Parish Vicar, St. Anthony/Cathedral Parish.  Ordained, 31 October 2011.  Priesthood is a grace.  Priesthood is service to God and people.  Examples of senior priests have been his inspiration to work harder.  He emphasized, “Do what you preach”.  Very happy as a priest.
  1. Gillarme “Joy” Peliño. Diocesan Social Action Director.  Ordained, 01 December 2008.  His 30-day retreat (Ignatian) made him fall in love with God.  He appreciates his priesthood, unworthy though he is.  His work in Social Apostolate has its joys and sorrows.  It is so challenging.  He felt sometimes inadequate.  But his faith in God helped him meet the challenges in his work for justice and peace.  He emphasized the importance of vision, of direction.  Ultimately, union with God.  He is grateful to senior priests for their good example.  He asked for prayers for all – including himself.

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Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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