2. Bishop’s Easter Message

Christ is risen, Alleluia! Rejoice!

Through his death, Jesus freed us from sin; through his resurrection, Jesus opened the path to grace – union with God.

Renewal.  New life.  Change for the better.  This is the Easter message.

Personal renewal

This means growing in our love for God and neighbors, especially the poor (needy), deprived (of rights), oppressed (by force) and exploited (through deceit and manipulation).

Parish renewal

This means:

  1. Making each parish a community/communion of Small Christian Communities (GKKs) where participation is the normal process.
  2. Intensifying the missionary activities, since each parish is mission – oriented.
  3. Transforming the Parish Speakers’ Bureau (PSB) into the Teams of Evangelizers (TOEs). Bureaucracy is old, impersonal.  Speaking is a one person, one-way activity, it is not an activity proper to the Church.  On the other hand evangelization is Christ’s mandate (cf. Mk,. 16: 16) carried by at least two persons (cf. Lk. 10: 1).
  4. Building the capabilities of our lay leaders through formation in the faith, enhancing their skills: analytical, communicating, coordinating, planning and evaluating, administrative and inter-personal.
  5. Establishing/strengthening pro-poor programs: literacy/scholarship, livelihood, health and advocacy.

Diocesan renewal

This implies:

  1. Understanding and acceptance of the Diocese of Marbel’s vision-mission-thrust by all the faithful.
  2. Defending with renewed zeal the integrity of God’s creation; in particular our opposition to SMI’s proposed open-pit gold and copper mining.
  3. Formation of Teams of Evangelizers in all parishes.
  4. A new political paradigm: (a) qualifications of candidates-credibility, competence, commitment to the common good and compassion (4 Cs); (b) systems for winning – guns, goons, gold, add guile(deception) – 4 Gs; (c) educate voters to be brave (against goons and gold), honest (not to sell votes) and knowledgeable (BHK)
  5. Meaningful celebration of the dedication of the new Christ the King Cathedral, hopefully on 23 November 2015.

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About bishopdinualdo

Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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