2. Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Officials Visit Marbel

A delegation from the CRS Board visited the Diocese of Marbel on 18-19 March 2015.  They were interested in peace building program through the A3Bs project and interreligious dialogue.

A3Bs is Applying the Binding, Bonding and Bridging approach to land conflict.

Fr. Gillarme “Joy” Peliño presented updates on the A3Bs project to the visitors on 18 March 2015 in the Diocesan Christian Formation Center’s Office.

  • Formation of an interfaith network of Traditional and Religious Leaders from Polo, Maligo, Landan, Palkan and Kinilis, Polomolok, last August 22-23, 2013. The Network enables discussion on land conflict per barangay and exchanges strategy for conflict resolution.
  • Partnership with 30 (23 males and 7 females) traditional and religious leaders – B’laan and Christian settlers – who are committed to achieve resolution of land conflict through various peace building approaches. They come from the 5 aforecited barangays.
  • Promotion of peacebuilding concepts to the “LupongTagapamayapa” members in 5 A3Bs barangays during the conduct of three (3) capacity building activities from 2013 to the present. Supported by the Polomolok Municipality through inputs on “KatarungangPambarangay”.  Weaknesses and strengths were identified.  Plans were formulated to ensure proper implementation of the KatarungangPambarangay.
  • Formation of a Municipal Inter-Agency Working Group (MIWG) to discuss land conflict issues in the municipal level. Mayor supports MIWG.
  • Three (3) out of 5 community peace projects were implemented last 2014. These were:  construction of water tank in the Barangay Hall compound of Kinilis, extension of Baragnay Water System to Purok 4 and 5 in Palkan and provision of latrine facilities to 40 households in SitioTenefulan, Maligo.  To be completed:  completion of lying-in in Landan and construction of canopy structure in Polo Health Center.
  • Five (5) land conflicts – one per barangay were prioritized by the TRLs towards peaceful resolution. Processes: conflict analysis, consultation with conflicting parties and collaborations with the LupongTagapamayapa and other community leaders/residents.

Delegation from CRS Board: Bishop Dale J.Melczek, Bishop Emeritus of Gary; Sr. Hortensia del Villar (Sister of the Guardian Angel); Deacon Ruben Solorio (Diocese of San Jose); Joan Rosenhauer, Executive Vice President, U.S. Operations; Brian J. Backe, Senior Director, U.S. Program and Resources.

CRS – Philippines: Joseph Curry, Country Representative; Myla Leguro, Senior Program manager, Peacebuilding; Terry Tuqzon, Senior Program manager, Agriculture.

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About bishopdinualdo

Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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