1. 8th CFC Mindanao Leaders’ Conference

Couples for Christ (CFC) leaders’ in Mindanao gathered in General Santos City, 13-15 March 2015, for their 8th Mindanao Conference at KCC Convention and Events Center.  There were 3,800.

Theme: “Love More.”

Bishop Dinualdo presided during the closing mass.  Bishop NereoOdchimar of Tandag Diocese and Fr. Ricardo Pajarillo, Jr. concelebrated.

Bishop Dinualdo’s homily:

God’s loving compassion inspired Cyrus, King of Persia, to proclaim the release of the Israelites held captive in Babylon (Iraq) and exhort the Israelites to return to Jerusalem to build God’s temple. (cf. 2 Chronicles 36: 14-16, 18-23).

God is rich in mercy and love.  His love brought us to life in Christ (cf. Eph. 2: 4-10).

“God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him might not perish, but might have eternal life.” (Jh. 3: 16)

Belief in Christ means accept Him and his teachings, further it means trust Him.  Finally, obey his command to love God and neighbors, especially the poor – the needy.

Eternal life is a gift from God who is love.  It means a life in union with God.  A life of perfect and endless happiness.

One of your task is to protect the family from the threats of “ideological colonization” – same sex union, sexual orientations, marriage as a mere contract. (Pope Francis)

Love means caring for others.  Many, however, are indifferent, unconcerned.  Pope Francis called this indifference “globalization of indifference.”

Lent is Alay Kapwa season.  This year 2015 is the CBCP’s Yearof the Poor with the theme “Do Justice, Love Kindness.”

Let us hasten towards Easter with the eagerness of love, justice and compassion.

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About bishopdinualdo

Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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