COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No.  804      Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                               11 February 2015


An orientation seminar on the 2015 – YEAR OF THE POOR – diocesan strategic plan took place 21 January 2015, Greenwoods, Brgy. Morales, Koronadal City.

 A. Who are the poor?

In general, any person in need of help.  In particular: marginalized workers, laborers, dysfunctional families, street children, children in conflict with the law, vulnerable groups.

 B. Responsible persons/groups

  • Parish priests, commissioners, directors, chaplains, CM/RE ministers, schoolheads, catechists, Kriska alagads, GKK Officers, etc.

C. Possible Programs for Implementation

(1) Thrust I: education/formation

a) Recruit, train, organize Team of Evangelizers (TOES). Topics: Human Dignity, Renewed Integral Evangelization, Basic Christian Community, Church, Sacred Scriptures (Bible), Christ, Mary, Sacraments, Social Teachings of the Church, Lay Spirituality.

b) Continuing education in the Faith: updates.

c) Seminars/lectures on: Faith, Laity, Poor (new).  Modules at DLC

d) Skills training/management skills

Modules on pastoral management, pastoral planning, simplified financial accounting, available at DLC.

e) Technical skills: entrepreneurship, IGP and employment opportunities.

  • Electrical, mechanical, plumbing, welding, etc in partnership with TESDA, NGO, etc.
  • Food processing, cooling, herbal medicines, etc. Some parishes have them already.

f) Formation for youth and children

  • Strengthen the CYM/DYM
  • Counseling, youth camp, crusade through music.

g) Family and Life

  • Strengthen and expand MEWS
  • Facilitate and expand Sons and Daughters Encounter (SADE)
  • Create partnership with schools.

h) Formation in schools for youth and children

  • Intensify catechetical instruction in schools, integrating the spirituality of the poor, in religion/values classes.
  • Organize a Congress of Ministry in public schools.

i) Marginalized workers (seasonal, contractual, daily wage earners, “Kasambahay”, construction workers, working students, laborers, drivers, security guards, small fisherfolk, vendors, etc.

  • Recollection with picnic (bring home pack of rice).
  • Tap sponsors

j) Vulnerable groups like the LGBT, etc.

  • Provide pastoral care, frank conversation, opportunities.
  • Listen to and discern their needs.

k) Information Drive on Bangsamoro Basic Law

  • Coordinate with SAC
  • Integrate BBL during Board of Parish Representatives.

l) Political education for voters

  • Recruit, train, organize volunteers
  • Four Cs in choosing candidates for elective positions: credibility, competence, commitment to the common good and compassion for the poor (“malasakit”)

m) Awareness on Human Trafficking

  • Information drive: parish to GKK level.
  • Link/forge partnership with concerned agencies.

n) Care of the environment

  • Intensify the poor’s involvement in caring for the environment
  • Intensify campaign at the GKK level.
  • Lectures on global warming, hazards of open-pit mining, coal-fired power plant, aerial spraying.
  • Tree planting and tree growing
  • Proper garbage disposal

Note:  mobilization when needed.

(2) Thrust 2: Liturgy

a) Continuing education/formation on the liturgy

  • Seminars/lectures on fundamentals, sacraments and sacramental, lay participation, norms, music. Modules available at DLC.

b) Sacramental/spiritual programs

  • Kasalan ng Bayan (Free)
  • Baptism, confirmation, First Confession/Communion
  • Anointing of the Sick and elderly within the Mass.
  • Recollection in poor areas
  • Morning prayers before the Mass, daily Mass and first Mass on Sunday
  • Create new ministry, Ex. hospitality.

c) Family

  • Revisit policies/procedures in liturgy, sacraments and sacramental concerning the family
  • Mission sending of Family Ministers (entire family)

d) Urban poor

  • Enhance their liturgical participation
  • Recollection in remote areas.

e) Indigenous peoples

  • Deepen their appreciation of the sacraments by integrating faith and culture
  • Meaningful celebration of IP Sunday
  • Recollection for the IPs
  • Kriska sessions for the IPs

f) Prisoners

  • Make priests available for their liturgical and spiritual needs.
  • Meaningful celebration of Prisoners’ Awareness Sunday.

g) Youth

  • Enhance youth participation in liturgical celebrations
  • Initiate creative liturgy for the youth
  • Organize Praise and Worship outside the Mass.

To be convtinued: Thrust 3: Social Action

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About bishopdinualdo

Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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