2. CBCP 110th Plenary Assembly

Pius XII Center, Manila, January 20-22, 2015.

Attendance:  83 of 87 bishops, 6 diocesan administrators and 12 retired bishops.

Output: 3 documents.

(1) “From Euphoria to Reality to Mission”

(Post papal visit statement)

  • People “happily cheered, clapped their hands, waved their handkerchiefs or bandanas, raised their children, and shrieked, and cried.”
  • The Holy Father spoke to us with his heart, in his beloved language (Spanish)”.
  • After reflection on Pope Francis’ words “come up with” actions. Pope Francis said: “act”.

(2) “Guide our Feet into the Way of Peace.”

(Lk. 1: 79) (Pastoral Statement on the Draft Bangsamoro Basic Law.”)

  • Our perspective as religious leaders: listen and discern.
  • Peace is God’s gift. Peace is in and of the heart.  Peace is harmony.  Peace comes with justice.
  • Some concerns of justice: time-free 10% requirement of a referendum may expand the territory; exclusive right over education; ambiguous concept of contiguity by water; land related; etc.
  • Peace comes with fairness and equity. Peace is unity through dialogue.
  • Recommendations: congress to sift objectively and wisely through BBL,. Considering national sovereignty and territorial integrity; fundamental human rights and freedoms of the non-Muslim peoples in the Bangsamoro be respected and promoted.
  • A significantly improved BBL will bring just and lasting peace.

(3) “Walk on Rich in Thanksgiving!”

(Pastoral exhortation in the Year of Consecrated Life)

The year started on First Sunday of Advent 2014; will end on 2 February 2016.

Purpose: “Make a grateful remembrance of the recent past while embracing the future with hope.”

  • Grateful remembrance. Pit Señor! (Cebu).  First missionaries from Spain and Mexico, Italy, Germany and Central Europe.  Augustinians – 1565, Franciscans – 1578; Jesuits – 1581.  Dominicans – 1587, etc.
  • Embracing the future with hope. The religious continue today their various apostolates – in joy!

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About bishopdinualdo

Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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