COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 603       Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                          20 January 2011


Vatican announced on 14 January 2011 John Paul II’s beatification on 1 May 2011.

Pope John Paul II died on 2 April 2005 and buried on 8 April 2005.  Some 3 million people attended his funeral at St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome.

Weeks later Cardinal Ruini, Vicar General, Rome Diocese, initiated the process of beatification/canonization.  An extraordinary initiative.  Ordinarily the process starts at least 5 years after a person’s death.

However, Benedict XVI waived this 5-year waiting period because of “extraordinary circumstances” declared Card. Ruini.  These extraordinary circumstances was the popular acclaim “Santo, Subito” (saint immediately) during the funeral.  Such popular protestation belongs to the “sensus fidei/sensus  fidelium” – sense of faith – a clear manifestation of the workings of the Holy Spirit.  This is the “ecclesia discens” – the learning Church.

One certified miracle is needed for beatification.  Sister Marie Simon Pierre Normand, a 49 – year old French nun of the Congregation of Little Sisters of Catholic Maternity Wards, was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.  She was cured after she and her community prayed to Pope John Paul II.  Thorough scientific investigation revealed the cure was miraculous.  Pope Benedict XVI accepted the experts’ conclusion.  This is the “Ecclesia Docens”,  – the Teaching Church or Magisterium.

Beatification implies the person is now certainly in heaven and limited veneration is allowed.

Pope Benedict XVI will preside during the Beatification Rites.  Never before has a pope beatified his immediate predecessor.

The period between John Paul II’s death on 2 April 2005 and his beatification on 1 May 2011, almost 6 years, is the shortest in modern history.

May 1st is Divine Mercy Sunday.  It was also the day Sr. Faustina Kowalska, a Polish nun was canonized.  John Paul II is devoted to the Divine Mercy.



He was born Karol Joseft Wojtyla on 18 May 1920 in Wadowice, Poland.

By age 20 he was all alone.  Parents, sister and brother were already dead.

Studied in 1938 (18 years old) philosophy and philology at Krakow Juggiellonian University.  Spoke 12 foreign languages; 9 extensively used as pope.

1940 – 1944 worked as a messenger in a restaurant and a laborer.

Studied in the clandestine seminary under Stefan Cardinal Sapieha,  Archbishop of Krakow in 1942-1946.

Ordained priest on 1 November 1946 ( 26 years old) by Card. Sapieha.  Sent to study at the Pontifical International Athaeneum Angelicum, Rome (now Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas) where he earned his License (STL) and Doctorate in Theology (STD).

Returned to Poland in 1948.  Parish Priest and professor at University of Lublin.

Earned a second doctorate, Ph.D., in 1954.

Appointed auxiliary bishop of Krakow on 4 July 1958 (38 years old).  Ordained bishop by Pius XII on 28 September 1958.

Archbishop of Krakow on 13 January 1964 (44 years old).

Created a Cardinal on 26 June 1967 (47 years old).

October 14, 1978 conclave to elect Pope John Paul I’s successor began.  Card. Wojtyla, a compromise candidate between the conservative Siri of Genoa and the liberal Benelli of Florence, was elected on the 8th balloting: 99 votes of 111 electors (89%; 74% or 2/3 is required)  He was 58 years old.

First non-Italian since Dutch Pope Adrian VI (1522).

As pope he beatified 1,340; canonized 483.  a record!



This first special meeting took place at the Bishop’s Residence on 12 January 2011.

Matters discussed:

  • Presentation of 2010 evaluation/planning for 2011.
  • Finalization of 2011 Plan of Activities.
  • Input on “Magisterium of the Church” and explanation of “Subtle Attacks Against Family”, by Bihsop Dinualdo Gutierrez.
  • Comments and suggestions from Fr. Romeo Buenaobra.
  • Financial Report.

Present were representatives from 18 parishes and Lake Sebu.  Seven (7) parishes were not represented: Bula, Kiamba, Malapatan, Milbuk, St. Michael (GSC), Sto. Niño and T’boli. (Trinidad J. Remollo)



Fr. Joel Aliligay facilitated the recollection of about 80 Legionaries of Mary at the bishop’s residence on 15 January 2011.

Topic: “Hello Little Princess” – a take-off from St. Exupery’s “Little Prince”.  Self-knowledge and movement towards God like the deer that longs for the running stream.



Mr. Simon Francis Denye is the new Vice-President and General Manager of Dole Philippines.  He is a British and a Catholic.  Studied at Ampleforth College, London.  Has a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

Wife is Irish Catholic.  Immediate past position: Managing Director, Corn Product International, Thailand.

Mr. Kevin Davis’ new position is President and Managing Director of Dole Thailand.  Vietnam and India are also his areas of responsibility.



Purok Malinawon

Calumpang, General Santos City

  1. Sr. Charina Manatad, THDW
  2. Sr. Lina Bacoro, THDW
  3. Sr. Jeaneth Casiao, THDW

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