COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 602       Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                          13 January 2011


Theme: “Gratitude and Hope”

  • Objectives, Activities, Team Leader (TL)
    1. Individuals, institutions, corporations responsible for building up the Local Church of Marbel are recognized. “Gabi ng Parangal”.  TL: Fr. Romeo Buenaobra.
    2. Publication of Historical Souvenir Book. TL: Mr. Andres Magallanes.  Members: NDMU Community.
    3. Parish financial resources are shared. Fund generation.  TL: Fr. Bonifacio Ampoyas.  TL: Mrs. Teresa Ruby J. Peralta.
    4. Simultaneous parish celebration of the Solemnity of Christ the King as immediate preparation for the Diocesan celebration, Coordinated activities. TLs: Fr. Joseph Benitez (South Cotabato); Fr. Rolando Japitana (SarGen).
    5. Public appreciation of the History of the Diocese of Marbel whose Titular is Christ the King and commitment to future challenges. Dissemination through Media.  TL: Fr. Gillarme Joy B. Peliño.
    6. Design of programs based on the acronym “NATURES” of the diocesan consultation on November 21-22, 2009. Data gathering.  TL: Mr. Stimson Pino. Co-TL: Sr. Susan Bolanio, OND. (N-atural agricultural practices.  A-dvocacy.  T-otal waste Management.  U-nited actions.  R-eforestation.  E-ducation.  S-pirituality).
    7. Enriched Christian Families. Weekend Marriage encounter Seminars.  Joint TLs: Fr. Louie Fuentespina, CP and Fr. Bonifacio Ampoyas, Ph.D.
    8. Meaningful culminating liturgical celebration (closing liturgy). Special Rites.  TL: Fr. Romeo Subaldo.  Members: Mrs. Rosabella “Nene” Patigdas-Ranara; Ms. Inday Jamero; Ms. Lucille Despo.
    9. Youth and Indigenous People (IP) are given importance. Youth vigil and camp-in.  IPs exhibits.  TL (Youth): Fr. Ricardo Pajarillo, Jr. TL (IP): Fr. Romeo Catedral.  Members: Fr. Herminio Hongayo, Jr. (SCM) and Fr. Rey Ondap, CP (AM)
  • Others
    1. Cultural presentation, “Gabi ng Parangal”, Nov. 20th (Sunday). c/o AWRSC
    2. Fr. Romeo Buenaobra, V.G.
    3. Accommodation and transportation. Bonifacio Ampoyas.
    4. Appreciation “gifts” to Bishops and visiting priests. ‘Gifts’ sourcing: Fr. Rolando Japitana
    5. Photo – Documentation. Joel Sunga (TL) and Fr. Rey Joloro (member).
    6. Budget – Fr. Bonifacio Ampoyas.
    7. Jubilee Prayer. Joe-an Paez.
    8. Jubilee Logo and Song. TL: Fr. Ricardo Pajarillo.
  • Coordinating Team (CT)

Bp. Dinualdo Gutierrez                      Fr. Romeo Buenaobra

Fr. Bonifacio Ampoyas                       Fr. Romeo Catedral

Fr. Louie Fuentespina, CP                  Fr. Romeo Subaldo

Fr. Joseph Benitez                               Fr. Rolando Japitana

Fr. Gillarme Joy Peliño                       Fr. Ricardo Pajarillo, Jr.

Mr. Andres Magallanes                       Mr. Stimson Pino

Sr. Pres., AWRSC                              Sr. Susan Bolanio, OND

Meeting, CT, February 7, 2011, 10am, Bishop’s Residence.

Agenda: 1) Presentation of Action Plans; 2) Budget.

  • This plan was approved by the Bishop and 54 priests on January 11, 2011, Bishop’s Residence.

Fifty-four priests (40 diocesan, 11 CP, 1 OFMCap., 1 OP, 1 Comboni) met at the Bishop’s Residence on 11 February 2011 for the monthly recollection and meeting.

Topic: “History of the Diocese of Marbel” by Fr. Romeo Buenaobra.

Marbel was erected Prelature Nullius on December 17, 1960.

Prior to this date Marbel was served by the Jesuits (1933 – 1938), Oblates of Mary Immaculate (1939 – 1958).

The Passionist Fathers arrived on January 21, 1958.

Bishop Dinualdo Gutierrez arrived in Marbel on February 5, 1981 as co-adjutor bishop with right of succession.  He succeeded Bp. Reginald Arliss, CP as Prelate Ordinary on October 1, 1981.

Marbel became a Diocese on November 15, 1982.

Before Marbel was erected into a Prelature Nullius there were only 11 parishes.  Now there are 25.

There was no diocesan priest in 1960.  Now, 60 active priests in and out of Marbel.

Added to the catechetical and liturgical ministries are the Kriska, Family and Life, Youth, GKK.  The Social Action apostolate was added with these program: Justice and Peace, Indigenous People, Health, Sustainable Agriculture, Advocacy, Women and Children.  All with updated formation programs.  Based on 1,000 BECs it is safe to estimate 15,000 empowered lay leaders.

Recognized organizations and movements were reoriented towards the Diocesan Vision-Mission-Thrust aimed at personal conversion and social transformation.

Ministries were formally organized with annual or bi-annual diocesan general assemblies.

The radio station DXCP (1971) was improved in terms of programming, personnel and equipments.

Educational institutions: 4 tertiary (2 universities), 18 secondary and about 30 elementary contribute to the formation of leaders: credible (saints), competent and committed to social transformation.




07       – Meeting, Coordinating Jubilee Team, 14-16      – DCM, Zamboanga
  10am, Bishop’s Res.                 – Annual Meeting, Stockholders, MPPPI,
08       – Diocesan Clergy’s Recollection, JGSP,   Casa Gemma, 2-4pm
  Cannery, 9am 17            – Anticipated Birthday, Bishop
10       – Meeting, MADICo, Digos, 9am   9am (mass) – Lunch.   6pm – Dinner
11       – Fiestas: Polomolok, 7am (Bp), Surallah 20            – National Migrants
12       – Meeting, DEC, Bp.’s Res., 3:30pm 21-Mar. 5- AD LIMINA, Rome



Prayerful birthday greetings to: Fr. Ricky Emboltorio (Feb. 05); Fr. Rolando Japitana (Feb. 17) and BP. DINUALDO D. GUTIERREZ (Feb. 20)



Congratulations to: Fr. Ernesto Bendita (Feb. 09); Fr. Herminio Hongayo (Feb. 22); Fr. Rene Dasilao (Feb. 27) and Fr. Rafael Cabrido (Feb. 27).

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Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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