1. Tribute to Christ, King of Kings

Marbel Diocese paid tribute to Christ the King, through a Diocesan celebration on 23 November 2009 at Notre Dame of Marbel University. Bro. Wilfredo Lubrico, FMS welcomed the delegates.

Chanted morning praise opened the diocesan celebration.

Fr. Romeo Catedral, Diocesan Director, Social Action talked on the theme, ”Climate Change/ Global Warming”. Principal cause of global warming is emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that prevents the rays of the sun to be reflected back into the atmosphere. Too much heat causes icecaps to melt. Melted ice raises sea level which threatens coastal towns/cities. Heat causes rapid evaporation. Water vapors, once condensed and heavy causes rainfalls. Heavy rainfalls cause mudslides, landslides, flashfloods, resulting to damage to property and some deaths.

What to do to manage climate change and minimize adverse effects of global warming?

Some thirty six (36) focused group discussions (FGDs) consisting of about 40 persons per group gave several doable actions.

Doable actions are grouped according to these headings: N (Natural Agricultural Practice); A (Advocacy); T (Total Waste Management); U (United Actions); R (Reforestation); E (Education); and S (Spirituality). Acronym: NATURES. Noteworthy actions:

N – Sustainable agriculture, organic farming, adopt green bricketting, backyard gardening.

A – Information and education campaign; tri-media; parish bulletin; seminars; networking; no to mining/coal fired power plant.

T – recycle, reduce, re-use, refuse. No cellophanes; establish compost bins; declogging of canals.

U – Mass actions on environmental concerns; active non-violence; multi-sectoral organizing to combat climate change; general and periodic cleaning of streets and surroundings.

R – Tree planting; adopt a mountain; establish parish nursery; adopt a tree program.

E – Self-critical reflection on Environment Friendly lifestyle; GKK formation on environment; integrate environmental education in schools and parish meetings; value-reorientation; changing of mind sets; family-centered education on environment; educate vendors and garbage collectors on waste management.

S – Oneness with nature; self-discipline; environmental prayers; radical and immediate change of lifestyle; prayer with action.

Marbel parish gave supplemental meals to parishes who asked for additional food. It also prepared complete meals for 300: NDMU staff, seminarians, security personnel and delegates from Sta. Cruz Mission and Assumption Mission.

Bishop Dinualdo was the presider and homilist. Christ is King because He is God and He redeemed us from sin and the devil. But His Kingdom is spiritual, not earthly. His Kingdom is in our hearts. When we love Christ and neighbors, Christ reigns. When we obey Christ, He reigns. Loving God and neighbors means taking care of our planet earth for this generation and for future generations. Benedict XVI calls this intergenerational justice (In Caritas in Veritate).

Priests concelebrants numbered 46, diocesan (41), Passionist (4) and Dominican (1).

Total attendance from all 25 parishes and 2 mission stations was 1,995.

Breakdown: Norala – 48; Sto. Niño – 64; Surallah – 30; T’boli – 24; Banga – 16; Marbel – 300; Tantangan – 55; Tampakan – 50; Tupi – 14; Polomolok – 198; Good Shepherd – 68; Dadiangas – 200; Calumpang – 40; Bula – 70; Lagao – 70; St. Michael – 16; Fatima – 114; Malungon – 38; Alabel – 50; Malapatan – 30; Glan – 60; Maasim – 50; Kiamba – 82; Maitum – 35; Milbuk – 8; Sta. Cruz Mission – 15; Bla’an Mission – 40; NDMU IBED – 60; NDMU Staff – 80; Seminarians – 23; Priests – 47. Total 1,995.

Thank you, Notre Dame of Marbel University, through its President, Bro. Wilfredo Lubrico, FMS, for allowing us the use of NDMU’s facilities and for providing personnel for the various tasks.

Thank you, Fr. Romeo Catedral, for your clear and scientific exposition of climate change and global warming.

Thank you, Mr. Andy Magallanes and Fr. Angelo Buenavides for organizing and directing the focused group discussions.

Thank you, Fr. Ramil Nerio and St. Anthony Parish for the additional food.

Thank you, Fr. Roming Buenaobra and various committees for a job exceptionally well done.

About bishopdinualdo

Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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