1.Marbel Presbyterium Meets

Priests in Marbel met on 9-12 November 2009 for their annual meeting at Holy Cross Spiritual Center, Calumpang, General Santos City.

Attendance ranged from 47 to 59 of 72 (65%-81%).


1. Marriage investigation form in Ilonggo, Cebuano and Tagalog will be distributed again by Fr. Romeo Buenaobra to the parishes.

2. Format of Commission reports will be statistical and narrative. Narrative to include objectives which will be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bounded (SMART), activities done and results achieved. Recommendations.

3. Stations of the Cross. Where traditional stations of the cross have not yet been set up, one of the 2 new biblical series maybe adapted. Both series begin with the Last Supper and end with resurrection. The old station of the cross may still be used.

4. New proposed Bible Service Guide will be evaluated by the Lay cooperators during their November 14, 2009 Board of Parish Representatives meeting. Fr. Jerome designed a 3-criteria matrix of evaluation: (1) not satisfied; (2) satisfied; and (3) very satisfied. Results will be presented to the Presbyterium and Bishop for decision.

5. Lay Church Workers’ Welfare Plan’s report should include whether their situation has improved or not.

6. Bookkeeper of the Lay Church Workers’ Welfare Plan should be person different from the treasurer.

7. Plan for the 2009 diocesan celebration of Christ the King on 23 November in Notre Dame of Marbel University was approved.

8. The Dominican Fathers and the priests in St. Michael the Archangel Parish should dialogue regarding the use of the newly constructed Dominican chapel.

9. Bible Service Guides must be approved by the Bishop.

10. Priests agreed to increase their contributions to the COCF, depending on their generosity.

11. A second collection on all masses on 16 December, National Youth Day will be made. Distribution: 70% – Diocesan Youth Ministry; 30% to the Episcopal Commission on Youth, through the Diocesan Chancery (refer to Ordo 2010).

12. Financial reports of SAC shall include all funds received plus beginning and ending balances.

13. Diocesan ID is valid for one year only. Fr. Angelo Buenavides will produce the IDs.

14. Former Dominican Sisters’ Convent at NDDFG will be renovated at a cost of P1.4 million Fr. Angelo Buenavides will oversee the project. It will serve as retirement house of diocesan priests.

15. About 4 hectares of the Social Action Demo Farm will be leased to Pangasius Culture Company for 5 years, renewable for P10, 000 a month with yearly escalation of 5 per centum.

16. Commissioners elected: Fr. Jonathan Sarcon, Christian Formation; Fr. Ricky Emboltorio, Worship and Liturgy, and Fr. Joseph Benitez, Social Action. Term of office is 2 years with re-election.

17. Priests-in-charge of ministries: Fr. Ricky Emboltorio, Catechetical; Fr. Ruben Ocino, Family and Life; Fr Ricardo Pajarillo, Jr., Youth.

18. Chancery support. Stole fees will continue. Priests agreed to increase their contributions to the three commissions, depending on their capacity and love.

19. Grievance Committee will be established. Members: Fr. Arturo Pancho, Chair; Fr. Jonathan Sarcon; Fr. Joseph Benitez; Fr. Romeo Catedral; Sr. Susan Bolanio, OND; Atty. Tomas Falgui; Atty. Elvie Albano; Atty. Orlando Mirabueno; and 2 lay from the Lay Church Workers’ Welfare Plan. Its main task is to attend to the grievances filed by lay church workers. Appropriate recommendations will be given to the Bishop.

20. Lay Church Workers’ manual. Fr. Jonathan Sarcon together with Fr. Joseph Benitez will draft the manual.

21. New appointments. Lagao Parish: Fr. Ernesto Bendita, acting parish priest; Fr. Ronilo Huesca, Vicar I; and Fr. Angelo Buenavides, Vicar II. Fr. Robert Feguro, Vicar I, Banga Parish. Fr. Joseph Morallon, Vicar II, St. Michael the Archangel Parish. Effectivity is November 13, 2009. (note: Bishop Dinualdo Gutierrez presented Fr. Ernesto Bendita to the community at Buayan on 14 November 2009 and announced over DXCP these appointments on the same day).

Source: Communication from the Bishop (No. 552, 15 November 2009)

About bishopdinualdo

Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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