2. Diocesan Priests’ Monthly Recollection

Thirty-five priests and deacon attended the recollection in Milbuk on 11-12 May 2009.

Theme: “Mariology”

Facilitator – lecturer: Fr. Roland D. Mactal, OP. Birthday: 1968-09-22. Ordination: 1997-04-05. Residence: Sto. Domingo Convent, Manila. Degrees: BS Actuarial Math, AB Philo, MA in HRS, SThD. Designation: Regent of Studies; Provincial Councilor, Promoter of Theological Reflection; Ex-Officio Chairman, Commission on Intellectual Life; Chairman – Commission for Liturgy and Prayer; etc.

Talk one. May 11th, “Mary in the Hearts of the Filipinos”.

Objective is to check whether the Vatican II reform has led to a renewed Marian Devotion.

Mary has a special place in the life of the Filipino people – over one-fourth of all parishes in the Philippines have Mary as titular patron.

Marian devotion goes back as early as 1571. Among the titles of Mary, “The Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Holy Rosary” are particularly prominent.

Among Marian religious practices are: novenas; block rosaries; Legion of Mary; family altars.

Mary is highlighted during Christmas, New Year, Holy week.

Pilgrimage to Marian shrines are becoming popular.

Positive Values of devotion to Mary.
Marian devotions help simple people keep their faith. They motivate conscientized people to work for greater justice and peace.

Need of reform.
“Authentic Marian devotion must be in line with the teachings of the Chapter Eight of Lumen Gentium and Marialis Cultus of Paul VI.”

Doctrinal instruction, biblical or liturgical, on the role of Mary in salvation history, is needed.

Pastors should ensure that Marian devotions are not exploited for economic purposes.

Veneration of Mary is to be subordinated to the adoration of the triune God and of Christ – the mediator.

Devotion to Mary is to be always associated with the social dimension of Christian living. Devotion to Mary should lead us to take the option for the poor.

Mary, a person-in-mission, as Mother of God and servant of the Lord. Mary who is Jewish, becomes Mother of All and Exemplar of a person of hope.

Talk Two. “A Mariological Renewal” (May 12th)

Mary must always be contemplated “in” close relationship to her son Jesus Christ and to the Church.

Mary as the New Eve is associated with life. Unlike Eve, Mary hears and obeys the Word.

Mary is associated with Christ in faith and charity (cf. Christ’s virginal conception; visits Elizabeth).

At Cana and Calvary salvation is introduced in which Mary is involved as Mother of Men.

Mary as Mediatrix. As Mother of All, she stands between God and the humans as intercessor (dynamic mediation). Jesus Christ, as true God and true Man, stands between God and the humans (ontological mediation. Ontological – pertaining to being).

Mary is virgin and mother in body and spirit. The Church is mother and virgin spiritually” “Mother in the sense of bringing the Christian to birth through baptism and virgin in the sense of possessing the integrity or the fullness of faith (LG 64).”

Art. 65 shows Mary as model of virtue for all disciples of Christ in the Church.

Chapter VIII concludes with Mary, Figure and Hope of the Church (art. 68-69).

• Lumen Gentium, Chapter VIII. Historical dimension. Mary as disciple.

• Marialis Cultus. Liturgical aspect. Living memory of Mary in the liturgy.

• Redemptoris Mater, John Paul II, Chapter 3. Missionary; mediatorial character, dynamic memory.

• Spe Salvi, Benedict XVI. “Star of Hope”, Woman of hope.
(Summary made by Fr. Joy Peliño)

Fr. Bobby Parreño, Episcopal Vicar for the Clergy, thanked Fr. Mactal and Fr. Bien Trinilla, OP for inviting Fr. Mactal.

Thank you, Fr. Ruben Ocino and Milbuk parishioners for hosting the clergy’s recollection.

Next recollection. August 3-4, 2009. Polomolok. Hosts Fr. Antonio Chua and parishioners. Theme: “Spirituality of the Diocesan Clergy”. Facilitator/lecturer: Fr. Girard Timoner III, Rector, UST Central Seminary.

Source: Communication from the Bishop (No. 531, 14 May 2009)

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