2. CBCP on Charter Change (CHA-CHA)

Title: “Let us not allow Selfish Interest to Undermine Democracy”.

Cha-cha at this point is premature and untimely.

1st – the global financial crisis and the intensifying poverty, must be addressed first.

2nd – Cha-cha distracts the attention of the people and government officials from collectively addressing the real problem which is corruption.

3rd – Cha-cha is not the panacea to our problems. On the contrary, the drafting of a new constitution may fall prey to the machinations of the few who stand to profit from a liberalized economy and possibly an extend term of service.

Finally, for Cha-cha to proceed disregarding democratic and participatory procedures is an affront to prudence and undermines democracy.

The CBCP suggests Cha-Cha after 2010 and through constitutional convention.

About bishopdinualdo

Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez is the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel
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